wholesale pure nmn powder for memory

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wholesale purewholesale pure nmn powder for memory nmn powder for memory

wholesale pure nmn powder for memory COMPANY PROFILE OVERVIEW TimYee Health has focused on top-quality Herbal Extract and APIs series, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Xi'an Tianyi Qinkun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which has professional drug herbal extract RD, production, and sales capacity with experience for 30 years in China. We are the one-stop solution provider and committed to providing solutions to global customers in research, development and production of nutritional and healthy food, natural active ingredients and related derivatives. RD Capability OUR FACTORY Products Certificates RD Capability Information 鈼?Facility and Equipment 3 laboratories covering 3000M2 in Xi'an, Baoji Tongchuan; RD equipment valued at 20 million CNY, ensure quality and efficiency. 鈼?Professional RD Team Independent and professional RD team; standard full product chain management; project-based RD process; comprehensive industrial planning. 鈼?Diversified RD Platform Multiple national and international cooperation platforms for health product research and development; cyclic improvement of the product value, innovation-driven RD system; supported by various RD experts and academic leaders from university. OUR FACTORY Information Our factory was founded in 1994 and has a history of 28 years, focusing on the deep development of traditional Chinese medicine and the production of APIs. The headquartered of TimYee Health is in Xi'an, and we have based on sales, RD and production in Xi'an, Beijing, Baoji and Tongchuan. 鈼?60,000m虏 Production Plant 鈼?3 Certification Systems 鈼?3 RD Center 鈼?100,000 Grade Clean Room Different production lines can meet Customers' requirements: private packages, customized mixed powder, granule, soft capsules, hard capsules, tablets, soft candy and so on. 60,000m虏 production workshop with mature plant extraction, separation and purification technology,and equipped with advanced production equipment,produce strictly according the the GMP procedure. Products Information TimYee Health provide high-quality products and high-quality customer service and is committed to researching every product unswervingly, and serving a wide range of fields such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and cosmetics. Herbal Extract: 鈼?Astragalus Extract 鈼?Aloe Barbadensis Extract 鈼?Tongkat Ali Extract 鈼?Reishi Extract APIs: 鈼?Estrogen 鈼?Lorcaserin 鈼?Dehydroepiandrosterone 鈼?Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Finished products: 鈼?Capsules 鈼?Tablets 鈼?Gummies 鈼?Soft Capsules Certificates Information TimYee Health have been dedicated on the field of plant extracts and APIs has made continuous innovation and development in fields of nutrition and health, and phytochemistry by virtue of great RD strength and advanced production technology. It has successfully obtained quality system certification such as cGMP, SC銆並osher銆丠alal銆両SO9001 and HACCP, etc.wholesale pure nmn powder for memory website:http://www.timyeehealth.com/