China Flower Paperweight factory

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China Flower Paperweight factoryChina Flower Paperweight factory

China Flower Paperweight factory The flower language and implication of dandelion are freedom, unstoppable love, strong self-confidence, and pure hope. Because dandelions will float to every corner with the wind, representing the desire for freedom and the pursuit of freedom. Also because it is constantly fluttering with the wind, it has the meaning of unstoppable love. Its vitality is tenacious, and it can still grow even in harsh environments, so it means strong. In addition, it can bring vitality to the barren environment and let people see hope, so the language of flowers is hope. Dandelions are suitable for gifting to friends and colleagues. Especially friends who are experiencing setbacks and difficulties, the representative hopes that he/she can bravely overcome difficulties and persevere. Or give it to someone with strong and confident qualities, which is a kind of compliment to the other party. Since the seeds of the dandelion are easy to float to anyway, so in purpose to keep the original shape of dandelion for long time, we encapsulate the real dandelion into epoxy resin globe. The hardness of the epoxy resin can well protects the dandelion and not easy to be broken when dropping. So, the real dandelion in globe is suitable for gifting. 聽 Parameter Model number:65 Dandelion Flat Base Weight:170g Shape:Globe or sphere shape Type:Flower paperweight Techique:Embedding Material:Epoxy resin Size:65*65*60mm Color:Transparent MOQ:10 pieces Usage:Gifting, souvenier/ festivel gift, home decoration 聽 Feature The shape and color of the dandelion can be kept as original Highly transparency, dandelion can be seen clearly from different angles The hardness of the epoxy resin can well protect the embedded dandelion, not easy to be damaged or broke Convenient for gifting, light in weight and easy to transport Waterproof and high temperature resistant 聽 FAQ Q: Are you factory or trading company? A: We are factory since 2006. 聽 Q: Where the insects come from? A: Our insects come from profession farms and Agriculture Pest Control center. These specimens are under control, without impacting on the environment. 聽 Q: Are these products safe to people, specially to small children? A: All of our products use food-grade and ton-toxic material, have been passed EN71, ASTM, CPSIA, CP65 testing by SGS. 聽 Q: Have you completed any successful case? A: We supply a large number of high-quality products to educational institutions and branded education stores located in the United States, Australia, Europe and Japan. Also, our products have been sold to some organizations as promotions or souvenirs for conferences or events. Some magazines also offer our products as magazine freebies. 聽 Q: How can I get the sample? A: By In'tl courier DHL, UPS, FEDEX or as specified by customer. 聽 Q: What is your delivery time? A: within 30 days for regular order. 聽 Q: What is your payment term? A: 40% deposit, balance before delivery 聽 Company Introduction Nanning Benji Biological Technology Co Ltd., is founded in year 2006, located in Nanning City, capital of Guangxi Province. We are manufacturer of real specimen embedded in resin block, we also can called it as man-made amber. Now, we have production floor of 3200 square metres. So far, we have 68 skilled production technicians, 12 persons in RD team, 8 persons in sales team and 20 persons in management team. With the production capacity and advantages of RD, Nanning Benji can be said as one of the top manufacturer in this industry. We are using high transparency resin and with experienced technique skill to produce diverse types of products, such as biological specimen, school supplies, teaching resources, decoration handicrafts, daily necessities and etc. The excellence and quality of our products have been recognized and trusted by customer of oversea and domestic. The products have been selling in United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea and so on. We are sincerely to look forward to cooperation with you in order to achieve a win-win situation. 聽China Flower Paperweight factory website: