Against the Water Cold - Wen Ryan _txt novel paradise

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To interrogate, but found that bin Dongcheng there has been fighting with people, bin Dongcheng is a local official in this area

To interrogate, but found that bin Dongcheng there has been fighting with people, bin Dongcheng is a local official in this area, these officials have been busy. To escort, temporarily do not scrutinize the heartless. The three captors grabbed the middle of the street and rushed to the corner. Wen Zhang dropped his bronze sword steeply and knocked down a servant with his right hand. He gritted his teeth and pulled out the dagger on his left shoulder with his backhand! As soon as Wen Zhang Dao was in his hand, he was badly hurt, but how could the two servants stop him? Three or five strokes, two servants. I'm all colored. With Wen Zhang's martial arts, it was easy to kill the four people in front of him, but he knew that the man was probably an official figure. In this downtown openly kill, in the future is not easy to clear the charges, only afraid to ruin the future, so finally dare not fierce under the killer, just want to frighten Back off these people. Wen Zhang drew his sword, and all the pedestrians on the road fled in an uproar. The situation was very chaotic for a while. Bin Dongcheng saw that this man was like a mad tiger, and his martial arts were very good. Seeing that the situation was not good, he ordered his men to withdraw. He didn't have to take his life Compensate here, but just at this time,plastic pallet manufacturer, the three captors came up again, a sudden increase in the number of people, courage then Hao, Bin Dongcheng then. "Come on," he snapped, "take down the murderer first!" Three officers, brandished iron ruler to attack,foldable bulk container, because of fear of merciless cover to, know can't delay, life is important, the heart a horizontal, rob Rub into the body, a wave of long sleeves, roll fly two people, a knife to cut the face tolerance to pick the lower half of the face, immediately bleeding like a note, cover the face down. Cry out bitterly. This can shock several yamen officers, servants and Bindong Chengquan. Wen Zhang grinned grimly and said, "If anyone dares to come up, I'll kill him with a knife." At this time, stackable plastic pallets ,collapsible bulk container, his face was covered with blood, fierce and violent, and he was usually gentle. The dignity has all disappeared. Suddenly a man took a deep breath. Wen Zhang's ferocious expression suddenly changed. Become very anxious and very frightened. He suddenly bent over and rushed to the bronze sword that had fallen to the ground. As soon as he moved, the man spoke. The words are not special, only said: "Do not move." Wen Zhang's body, which was about to be lifted, suddenly stopped. Bin Dongcheng and so on looked over and saw a young man in white, hanging on the ground with one hand, his whole body wet with sweat and heavy clothes, spreading and lifting, but double. Eyes are as sharp as lightning and as cold as a knife. He stared at Wen Zhang's throat. Wen Zhang felt that his throat was being held by two knives. The blade is cold, colder than ice. He felt a stiffness in his head. You'd better not move. Wen Zhang dare not move. He knew that as soon as he moved, the seemingly fragile and ruthless man in front of him would immediately send out a hidden weapon. He could neither throw himself at the bronze sword nor sweep away. He began to regret why he had given up his hostages to entangle himself with these clowns. Ruthless, the whole body is shaking slightly. And the breath is very uneven. He knew he was going to collapse. Because he had not recovered his strength, and he was too tired. But he can't fall. He had frightened Wen Zhang, but he could not stop him, because he had lost the ability to send hidden weapons. So he had to hold on. How long will it last? Just listen to a low voice: "Are you..." The man who spoke was Bin Dongcheng. "Are you the famous God Captor?" Ruthless?! Ruthless to retain a breath of vitality, just nod, try not to speak much. On hearing this, the head of the squad was so happy that he jumped up and said, "With the heartless uncle, can you still fly to the sky?"? Don't tie your hands Captured?! Said to go over to capture Wen Zhang. There was a flash of joy on Wen Zhang's face. "You mustn't move either!" He snapped. He knew that as soon as the squad leader walked over, Wen Zhang would lend him a shield or buckle. Come to him as a hostage. The head of the class was stunned and stopped immediately. Ruthless said with a chilling voice: "My hidden weapon will not recognize people." The remaining eye of Wen Zhang has been staring at the merciless hand, as if estimating the situation, as if observing the tottering and falling face. Pale and ruthless, can you kill yourself with one blow? The two men were separated by half an arrow and confronted each other. In the middle of the two men were Bin Dongcheng and two servants, two captors, and one captor and one servant, who fell to the ground. Pedestrians on the street have already run away. Wen Zhang is measuring the ruthlessness. Ruthless is trying to ban Wen Zhang. One is not daring to start rashly. One is that it can't start. Those who can't start seem to have the upper hand for the time being, but once those who can start start, no one can stop them. "Give me a break and we'll see each other again." "You have killed many people, and your crime is unforgivable!" "If you kill me, you will only annoy Master Fu and Lord Cai, and you will never be spared." "You can't scare anyone by bringing up his name now." "Well, as long as you let me leave, I will retire to Linquan, neither as an official nor as a reappearance in Jianghu." "You're neither an official nor a Jianghu official. Why don't you pay off your debts in prison?" "Ruthless, don't push too hard." "I didn't force you, you forced me to force you." What do you want me to do? You say "Be captured without a fight." "You may not be able to kill me if you are in a hurry!" "You might as well try." Ruthless light tunnel. Then he was not ready to go on. Does Wen Zhang dare to really try? Ruthless eyes suddenly brightened. Wen Zhang, I'll give you a chance. He actually turned around and turned his back to Wen Zhang. If you attack me from behind, I can still shoot you. Wen Zhang sweats in his hands and trembles all over his body: How could this young man look down on him like that! The cripple didn't even look at him! Staring at the back of his merciless neck and looking at the dagger in his hand, he was determined to try. But I have no confidence. Ruthless if there is no certainty of victory,mobile garbage bin, how dare you turn your back to him, so arrogant?! If he does not grasp this opportunity, he will have no chance. -Do you want to try? -Can you try? Tried to live or die? Wen Zhang has never encountered such a panic in his life when deciding things. He finally decided to make a move. But not to the ruthless hand. His goal is still the bronze sword on the ground.