Fate is such a wonderful thing.

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Hammer, first burn the burning goods in the package, and then go back to the village to burn the bank.

Hammer, first burn the burning goods in the package, and then go back to the village to burn the bank. The baby was turning over the burnt food and paying attention to the situation in the distance. [All] Cold Moon Buries Flower Soul: Save.. [All] Flying Carpet: If you don't raise your hair, how can I 9.. Is he crazy.. Wait so long [All] Cold Moon Buries Flower Soul: Mao?? [All] Flying Carpet:.. After death, there is an option, where to serve, where to get up, back to the city, and the last one! Wait for 9. You choose wait for 9. [All] Cold Moon Buries Flower Soul: Oh Oh Oh Just as the flying carpet was about to erupt, a very holy feather stood on the corpse, which instantly extinguished the flying carpet's anger. Depressed to think if it is not too boring, absolutely no matter you, this novice is really troublesome, even do not see the novice tutorial, or installed? After the rescue, she ignored her and went straight back to the burning treasure to kill the wolf. Baby is very happy now,euro plastic pallet, she said that good people have good results ah! [Team] Baby Hum: Haha ~ [Team] Flying Carpet:.. Is it all burned out? [Team] Baby Hum:.. Next time I will finish, what are you going to do? I've told you so many times! [Team] Flying Carpet: Oh, I forgot, I was wrong. What's wrong? [Team] Baby Hum: Haha … I burned 10 burning products, and 8 of them burned double attributes. [Team] Flying Carpet: Awesome.. [Team] Baby Hum: We need 9 more people in the future. Saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda.. Amitabha, while we are just nine people. I'm burning a few. [Team] Flying Carpet:.. Baby everything is good,plastic trash bins, but sometimes love to smoke, turned to look at the novice MM, is very tenacious to kill the wolf, die again, he is 9 times, baby must be very happy. Baby and burn out a double attribute, happy to look at the distance of a novice MM, Jiong. Novice MM is being chased by a pet snake running back and forth blindly, shouting in his mouth, "My God, snake.." Nine lives!!! Jiong The snake chased her and laughed. Baby, wholesale plastic pallet ,heavy duty plastic pallet, if you want to scare her, you will be exposed as soon as you type. Who knows that MM did not respond at all, but also ran back and forth as frightened as just now. Suddenly the novice MM rushed toward them, baby crazy sweat, don't come over! /(ㄒoㄒ)/…… Moved quietly behind the blanket. [All] Cold Moon Buries Flower Soul: How can you be so wicked? You know I'm afraid of snakes, but you don't put them away and tell them to chase me all the time! ( ⊙ o ⊙ )! What do you mean? Although Saigao also has snakes, but very fake, and pet snakes are very real, baby is afraid of snakes, so several other people did not buy. Who is she talking to? Baby moved from the back of the blanket to the side, looking at the novice MM who did not move and glared at the blanket, relieved, ha ha, not to say to me ~ The blanket may also see that it is a little innocent to talk to him. [All] Flying Carpet: That's not my pet.. And you can tell if he's a pet or if someone's got a pet number to help him upgrade, look at the name. [All] Flying Carpet: If the XXX with XX is a pet, and the pet can chase you endlessly.. [All] Baby hum: Hehe,! [All] In the middle of the water: Wahaha, I'm laughing to death. How can there be such a small white person? You're not pretending, are you? Maybe it's embarrassing to see that pet snakes can't be so smart. [All] Cold and Buried Flower Soul:.. I didn't know I could be spoiled. I thought.. Sorry, and that snake, how can you be so wicked and scary! The snake made an idiot and swam away. [All] Flying Carpet:.. [All] Baby Hum:.. [All] Cold Moon Buries Flower Soul: This is the first game I played … … [Team] Flying Carpet: Let's go.. Don't let her catch you. [All] Baby Hum: Enmi.. He won't care. Hehe, we're going back to the village. Blanket later deep doubt is this game progress too fast, or that MM is really too white, how and before the novice so different! Passing through the village for three days in a row, you can see the novice MM doing the novice task. It seems that she is really a novice. Frost's sorrow has not been on for three days in a row, so there is no place for baby to spread his enthusiasm. In the morning, I took a glance at the friends bar and turned it off. (O ⊙), open and look [Friend] Baby hum:!!! [Friend] Frostmourne:!!? [Friend] Baby Hum: I wanted to be very excited to say to you! You didn't see it yesterday. Youyou was worried about being blackened. It's a pity you're not here. It's really a pity! But after three days, I'm not in the mood at all. Hey [Friend] Frostmourne: Too much excitement is not good for the heart, and someone showed me a screenshot. Come to Giant Village [Friend] Baby Hum:-! I was just.. Baby looked around for the traces of sadness, and saw a point in the distance slowly enlarged, a handsome man riding a white unicorn came from a distance, and the horizon of sunshine and snow formed a beautiful picture. A few days ago, the baby said that TC had a new white unicorn, and she would not buy it unless the white horse brought the prince. She suddenly came up with an idea that the prince was coming. [All] Frostmourne: Take you to a good place Baby eyes shine, good place!!! The baby sitting on the horse remembered the tragic experience a few days ago and decided to ask. [Team] Baby Hum: Snow Witch is really hard to play. Our group has been frozen many times. [Team] Frostmourne: Want to brush Ice Rose? [Team] Baby Hum:.. Mmm [Team] Frostmourne: Let her have no time to send Freeze. She only has the highest Freeze damage. The drop rate of ice rose is very low. You were lucky to be able to drop it yesterday. I brushed it many times but it didn't drop. [Team] Baby Hum: T T we are all frozen to death … … Frostmourne also told her a few points to brush the witch and a few other new dungeons to play, matters needing attention. Wait for the baby to ponder almost,spill plastic pallet, only to find themselves to the riverside, looking at the thick ice on the river, also called the baby excited to forget himself. Run down to remember. I can't skate here.. Regret [Team] Frostmourne: = I will. cnplasticpallet.com