Needle Punched Non-woven Fabric

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Needle Punched Non-woven Fabric Needle Punched Non-woven Fabric

Needle Punched Non-woven Fabric Our History Founded in 2006, the company has been focusing on non-woven fabrics and non-woven products since its establishment, and its sales market has gradually expanded from the European market to Japan, South Korea, and the United States. Our Factory The factory has 4 PP polypropylene fiber lines, which can produce various width products, with an annual output of 7,000 tons, and 3 quilting cloth production lines, with an annual output of about 400 tons. At the same time, it has 12 non-woven folding and cutting equipment and 5 non-woven equipment for subsequent processing of non-woven products. The finished product processing workshop has a daily production capacity of 3-4 40HQ, which can process various non-woven products. Our Product 1銆丯on-woven Cleaning Cloth 2銆丯on-woven Garden material 3銆丯on-woven Waterproof memberance Product Application 1銆丄pply to kitchen wipe 2銆丄pplied to garden farm to prevent grass and plants to keep warm and prevent insects 3銆丄pplied to roof waterproofing Production Equipment PP polypropylene production line锛孨on-woven folding machine锛孲eparator锛孮uilting Fabric Production Line Production Market Cleaning cloth products and PP garden products are mainly sold to various European countries. Among them, TESCO, CARREFOUR, etc. are our customers. The famous European garden suppliers INTERMAS and PLANTAGEN are our long-term customers.Needle Punched Non-woven Fabric website: