The painting hall is deep in spring

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When we get to Hu Shikou, it's time to part. Yin Yuzhao suddenly said, "Zhao Baoru, I will pay the silver for you.

When we get to Hu Shikou, it's time to part. Yin Yuzhao suddenly said, "Zhao Baoru, I will pay the silver for you. After all, I am in Chang'an with Luo Qi, which is my only old friend.". She is just a weak woman, from Lingnan to Liangzhou, all the way very difficult, you are not curious, what has she experienced all the way? "I'm not curious at all," said Baoru at once. For her, the scene of turning a corner in Ji Bai's basement because of curiosity and seeing a skinned Juan was unforgettable in her life. From then on, she was not curious about anything. Yin Yuzhao hung a sneer on his face and turned away. Chapter 116 brothers. Back home, Li Shaoyu finally left with a group of dandy, and Baoru was still a little uncomfortable in the suddenly deserted yard. When she left, the officer stationed outside the square went directly into the courtyard under martial law and surrounded the whole courtyard with three steps and one post. Ji Mingde had already returned, and Li Shaoyuan was also there. Both of them were standing under the eaves porch. Ji Mingde was still dressed in green and straight, Li Shaoyuan was dressed in black clothes, one left and one right, standing under the window like a door God,drum spill pallet, coldly looking at the officials in the courtyard in a trance. The lights in the main room reflected that the wild fox was picking up the leftovers left by Li Shaoyu. At this time, there are still six hours to go before the release of the list, and a lot of people and their families have gathered at the gate of Gongyuan, waiting for the selected list to be posted after the examination to see if there is their own name on the list. This is a night to change fate, ten years of cold window, three years of waiting, whether to become a superior person or continue to go back to the head hanging beam awl thorn library, tonight. Seeing Baoru entering the door,collapsible pallet box, Ji Mingde took two steps down the steps and took a string of small loaches inch long from her hand: "I only bought a few small salted fish after going out for a long time." Bao Ruxin said that we were still quarreling when we went out just now, and now is not the time to talk well. But under the porch Li Shaoyuan looked at her aggressively. Of course, she couldn't be angry with Ji Mingde. In order not to make Li Shaoyuan think that she was having a bad time, she didn't even dare to show her slightly bad face. Then she smiled: "This thing is to the taste of a cat. Listen to it. It's greedy." When they entered the Westinghouse, Li Shaoyuan was still standing motionless under the eaves corridor. Bao Ru-ru is on her back, watching the kitten eat the loach. Ji Mingde strolled to the window, through which he could feel the resentment in Li Shaoyuan's eyes. From standing under the cherry tree at the corner to entering the small courtyard openly, Li Shaoyuan was simply sleepy and met the pillow. They are all married, but they still can't let go of their fiancee. Wanting to elope with Baoru and to be responsible for his wife, Ji Mingde wanted to ask, where were you when she was forced to die? "Baoru, do you want to see the release?" Ji Mingde lit two lamps on the side of the Eight Immortals table inside, and the room suddenly lit up. Baoru stroked the kitten and shook her head. "No," she said. She is ready to hold the afternoon gas for a while, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet bins, fighting for the risk of being sold, but also to let him know that his heart has already lost Li Shaoyuan that person. She was sitting in an arm-chair, teasing the cat on the table, with eyes as round as a cat's, full of interest and concentration. Ji Mingde also came over, scratching her shell-like little ears, suddenly bent over, too close, the two people on the window sash were already grinding their ears and temples. Baoru felt intoxicated with Ji Mingde's whole body, the breath between his lips and teeth, and the breath on his body. That feeling came from his teasing again and again, and was hidden in her bone marrow. Once she smelled it, her whole body was weak from the bone. But he is like this, as if this morning planted a neck full of mulberries, must be intentional, deliberately do a Li Shaoyuan to see. Baoru felt uncomfortable in her heart and just wanted to hide, but she asked Ji Mingde to embrace her. The two shadows on the window suddenly intersected. Zhao Bingyi didn't resell the examination questions at that time, and your grandfather died in vain. You know that, don't you? Close to the ear, Ji Mingde's tone is slightly cold, saying the right thing: "They can't die, Zhao Qingmiao can't always be a guilty minister, otherwise, he can only be a pariah in the future, and he will be a pariah all his life." Baoru looked up, and the four eyes of the two people on the window paper were facing each other. Every part of her side face was illuminated by the candlelight and sprinkled on the window paper. Slightly high is Ji Mingde, two people four eyes face each other, see close to a place, Li Shaoyuan finally no longer look down, a few steps down the steps, out of the yard. "What do you want from me?" Baoru finally let go of the cat, but also gradually gathered the smile on his face, a face of children want to do great things dignified. Ji Mingde coaxed the child and said softly, "Zhao Fang was deposed because of the scientific examination. It is difficult for a poor family to have a way to advance.". Li Daisheng recorded all his students. My name is Li Shaoyuan. I can't get away. You go to the Confucius Temple for me. Tonight, all the people in the thirteen States of the Wei Dynasty will follow you. Please take out the memorial tablet of Confucius and make a scene in Gongyuan. You are the daughter of Xiangmen and the representative of our Qinzhou people. If you abolish the achievements of this subject, you will also get rid of Li Daisheng's position as president. Li dai-mao was only guarding against trouble in the state of Qinzhou, but in private he joined forces with the thirteen States of the state of Wei to make trouble together. Literati are the backbone of the country and the mainstay of the court in the future. If the thirteen States unite, they can get rid of Li Daisheng's position as president. It can even shake the foundation of the Dynasty. In the narrow lane outside the courtyard, the night wind was slightly cool. Yin Yuqing specially took advantage of the carriage to come and saw Li Shaoyuan standing at a corner. He stretched out a small hand through the window and said with a smile, "I don't want to think that the business trip of Dali Temple is so hard. I specially made a few snacks and cooked a pot of soup. You drink the soup first, and then go on business trip. How about that?" Li Shaoyuan got into the carriage and sat cross-legged, looking at Yin Yuqing. She smiled very gently today. She wore a small lotus root coat and had a Jasper hairpin on her head. It was refreshing. She brought out the soup cup from the food box and held it to him with both hands. Then she looked at him with a smile. Lowering his eyebrows and taking a sip of the soup, Li Shaoyuan handed out all the snacks brought by Yin Yuqing and asked Lingguang and Yanguang to give them to the servants of the Dali Temple. He asked lightly, "When will you return the letter to me?" Yin Yuqing was stunned. Her face was a little unnatural. She smiled and said, "When I came back from Luoyang,collapsible pallet box, I prepared the letter before you returned home. How can I give it to you now?". Don't worry, I'll put it on the dressing table when I'm ready. When you go back, I'll give it to you. 。