Take the Lord to visit the flood and famine

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Mo Nan sighed lightly: "Is it right or wrong for me to hand over the big array to the two clans?" When Zhenyuan saw that his eyes were dull, he exclaimed, "Brother Wu?"

Mo Nan sighed lightly: "Is it right or wrong for me to hand over the big array to the two clans?" When Zhenyuan saw that his eyes were dull, he exclaimed, "Brother Wu?" Mo Nan recovered and smiled. "It's all right!" After a while, the East Emperor and Emperor Jun left and returned. The latter was dressed in a golden dragon robe, with nine dragons and pearls on his head. His outfit was gorgeous, showing the spirit of the Emperor of Heaven. Outside the hall was a resplendent garage, led by three nine-clawed golden dragons, which was quite grand. "" Go to Taiyin and take over your sister-in-law, "said Emperor Jun to the East Emperor. The East Emperor nodded, drove the garage, and ran to the Taiyin Star. Seeing that the family had gone to pick up people, the bridegroom and the crowd warmed up. Moments later, Emperor Jun suddenly said to Mo Nan, who was drinking nectar alone, "I'll ask the holy teacher to prove the marriage of heaven later!" Mo Nan is in a daze. Is he a witness? Now the heart is clear, this is said to others. Not knowing the key, they thought that he and Emperor Jun were grasshoppers on the same rope, but in fact they were not. At this point, Mo Nan could not refuse. "Good!" He answered. No one noticed, after Mo Nan replied, Lao Tzu, who had been closing his eyes, opened his eyes, and a swan passed through his eyes and disappeared. Time passed little by little, and everyone who was talking and laughing in the hall felt a little strange. The East Emperor, who had gone to pick up the bride, had not returned for a long time. The Taiyin Star was not far away. Several hours had passed,ibc spill pallet, enough to go back and forth several times, but no one was seen. The jubilant day was suddenly shrouded in a layer of haze, which diluted the happy mood of everyone. Emperor Jun, sitting on the Dragon Chair, was not arrogant and impetuous, talking and laughing with the crowd, without any haste. At this time, the calm and sophisticated imperial demeanor is undoubtedly revealed. After a long time, there was no news. Emperor Jun's eyes were worried,plastic pallet price, but his face was full of smiles. He called one of his men and asked him to go to Taiyin to see what was going on. The ability of the East Emperor is so great that there are only a handful of people who can cause trouble to him today. The corner of Mo Nan's right eye was beating faintly, and he could not help carrying Zhou Tianyi's number. For a long time, when everyone was talking and laughing, he clapped on the golden table with a bang, which made people jump. Guan Dijun pretended to be calm. Mo Nan said in a deep voice, "The East Emperor was intercepted on his way back." After that, everyone was shocked. Someone dared to break ground on Tai Sui's head? At this moment, a little demon rolled into the hall in a mess. Ignoring the etiquette, he said hoarsely, "Emperor, Lord Donghuang and the people of the sorcery clan are fighting in Tianwaitian!" "What!" The emperor was so powerful that he turned into a rainbow and flew out of the hall. He was worried not only about his younger brother Donghuang, but also about his lover Xihe. The others looked at each other and went to Tianwaitian one after another. ------ Next chapter, it's a little!!! I was thinking, how should I describe Xi He? Gentle? A lady? Little Jasper? Hot and sexy? Indifferent and aloof? Pure, Lolita, wow, too evil bird First watch, delivered!!! Beg: Red ticket, collect!!! [Text Chapter 32 Zu Wu Defeated, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet manufacturer, Emperor Junsheng Doubtful!!!] When Mo Nan and others arrived at Tianwaitian, the battlefield had been divided into two sides, the East Emperor and Ravaged, Shebi corpse battle together, Emperor Jun and Zizi fight in full swing. Originally, the three ancestral witches were able to maintain a tie against the East Emperor, but after Emperor Jun intervened in the battle, the situation changed in an instant. Ravaged by two people were beaten by the east emperor without the power to fight back, the emperor Jun and Zizi who do not have the upper hand. Three hundred years ago, Emperor Jun was injured by the twelve evil forces of the capital, but he has not fully recovered, and his strength has been greatly reduced. Mo Nan frowned and did not know which side to help. He was not only a holy teacher of the demon clan, but also an elder of the sorcery clan. His contradictory identity made him not know how to choose for a while. Others wait and see what happens, did not mean to make a move, let the emperor Jun brothers solve by themselves. The battle gradually became fierce, and Monan finally saw the chaotic clock, a rusty little clock, the size of a palm, without any brilliance. Every time the East Emperor shakes it, it will stir up a circle of transparent ripples, which seems to be soft and soft. But ravaged by two people's face is more pale, obviously suffered internal injuries. Ravaged by stepping on two fire dragons, red all over, several punches in succession, overflowing with red ripples, crushing the square space. And the two green snakes in the corpse's ears turned into two green belts and kept wandering around the East Emperor, waiting for an opportunity to attack. If the East Emperor is not careful, he will be bitten by a green snake, and his skin will shrivel up and lose all moisture. On the other side, Dijun's left hand is a golden Luoshu, and his right hand is a colorful and blurred river map. Every exhibition, a little bit of starlight rushed to shoot, although the body of the latter Zu Wu was hit by the starlight, it was still thousands of miles away. Each of these stars is a genuine star. It's just shaped like a grain of rice. The taste of dozens of stars hitting the body can be imagined. But he was more and more brave in the Vietnam War. His claws flashed with lightning. After a roar, he tore at the former. Mo Nan observed the situation on the battlefield, suddenly took aim at the side of the nine-claw golden dragon traction outside the garage, there are two female flow, are closed moon shy flowers, Qingguo Qingcheng's appearance. The woman on the left, with a long gauze skirt, willow leaves and curved eyebrows, is like a lotus in the water, giving people a fresh and bright feeling of being free from vulgarity, which makes people bright at the moment. Her eyes fell tightly on Emperor Jun, and her face was worried. The other person who depended on the woman was petite, with red lips and white teeth, bright and moving, and his big eyes were locked on Emperor Jun, and his eyes were full of urgency. Mo Nan was stunned, and the two of them must be Xi He and Chang Xi of the Taiyin Star. At this time, a sudden change in the field, the East Emperor saw in the downwind Zhu Rong, luxury than the corpse is still hard to support, a cold hum, the chaotic clock thrown high into the sky, long against the wind, into a hundred feet in size. Then a dark shadow swept over the top of the clock. Originally, he still had spare capacity,plastic pallet suppliers, fearing to bring disaster to Xi He and Chang Xi on one side, but his opponent did not know what was good or bad, and finally tried his best. binpallet.com