The Demon Concubine of the Temple is so sweet.

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"Is this the attitude you should have after you have done something wrong?" Rong Ji's coda was slightly raised, with a hint of threat.

"Is this the attitude you should have after you have done something wrong?" Rong Ji's coda was slightly raised, with a hint of threat. Your little wife has already apologized, and you are not satisfied? You can't end up in that way every time you make a noise, can you? How much I suffer. I argued. When Rong Ji heard this, he still had an immovable iceberg face. He said with a straight face, "If you don't want to suffer losses, then eat something else?" Inadvertently, I blushed, and I really didn't know that I had a face thinner than paper, but I could still say dirty jokes without a smile. Just eat something else. Rong Ji murmured, and immediately turned the world in my eyes. Bang- Before I realized what had happened, I had smashed it down with the pieces of glazed bricks and tiles on the roof. Fortunately, Rong Ji moved very quickly, and before I landed, he had already flown down into the hall and steadily took me into his arms. Unfortunately, what Rong Ji and I smashed was the eaves of the East Palace. More unfortunately, there was a roomful of people in the East Palace. I stared at the "busybodies" in front of me, who were all dumbfounded and stupefied like wooden chickens. I really couldn't hang my face, so I turned my head sharply and whispered, "Go out, all go out." Embarrassed, the father coughed lightly, "Don't be angry. I'm just worried about your health for my father.". Recently, I went to the dense forest to hunt a few bucks, and later I stewed them for my father and sent them to you. How many bucks can I eat in one breath? Father must want to stew deer penis for me. Really, my father must have been corrupted by my master. After the father found an excuse to escape, Xiao Zhuo also hesitated and said, "Sister, I'll add firewood for my father." But the South Kite,car radiator cap, no matter how Xiao Zhuo dragged, still refused to go, jabbering endlessly, "and song sister, I used to admire you.". But it's been so long. Why haven't you become a landlord yet? I can do it, but you can't. Xiao Zhuo repeatedly covered the mouth of the South Kite and forcibly dragged her out of the East Palace. The biggest headache for me is Xiaoguai and Xiaoye. Ono still opened his mouth in surprise and said, "I can't imagine that King Beili, who has a bright appearance, is suffering from inhuman torture every day.". I must grow up quickly and protect King Beili. There were tears in Ono's big eyes, which were full of pity for me. I have black lines all over my head, but I don't know how to explain it. Rong Ji, on the other hand, was particularly calm, facing the people with different looks in the hall, as if he had already seen nothing strange. Fortunately, metal stamping parts ,die casting parts, the little boy knew how to understand me and pulled Ono's arm straight out. "Fool Ono, you'd better think about how to protect yourself." After a while, the people who were watching in the hall walked away, and only the old master was left. Not only did he not mean to leave, but he got closer and closer. He just stared at me and Rong Ji's face, and stared at them at close range. Pulling the corners of my mouth wildly, I looked at the master in silence as if he had written on his face the four words "no respect for the old". "Master, protect your little eyes. Otherwise, you shouldn't have seen it. Your little eyes are not as big as the eye of a needle. If the eye of a needle grows into your nostrils, I'm afraid it will hurt you to death. "If you are not a filial disciple, you will know how to be a teacher.". As a teacher, I was worried about you and Rong Ji's children, so I took two more glances. Master is very thick-skinned and always has a way to justify himself. It is always impossible to reason with "scoundrels". I knew this well, so I forced to change the subject, "Master, can you really save the brothers?" When the master heard this, he clenched his wrist and sighed, "The worst step is to call back Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu as a teacher.". Unfortunately, the teacher only went to the market to buy two bolts of cloth and silk for Ah Huang, and then disappeared from the world. "When was it lost?" I asked the master in a hurry. The master hemmed and hawed. "It's been lost for some time.". Looking around for the teacher, I wanted to tell you, but at that time you and Rong Ji children have gone to the south Qiang, things will be delayed. "You should have said it earlier." As soon as I thought of the inexhaustible power of the sixth ancient battlefield in the dust of the world, my heart became more and more embarrassed. Suddenly, I also remembered that the inexhaustible power of the eighth ancient battlefield did not fall on any one of me, Rong Ji and Qi Kui, and I could not help but have some doubts. Could it be that the inexhaustible divine power in the ancient battlefield of the eighth pass has also been stolen by a conscientious person? In fact, the situation is becoming more and more clear. There is only one possibility for a person who has the ability to steal the dust of the world and the ancient battlefield of the eighth pass, and that is Huaqing. Chapter 486 of the main text is the mystery of painting. Suddenly, I suddenly recalled what Huang Fuxuan said. Huangfuxuan said that when he found the flower core by the south Qiang moat, the flower core was like a frightened bird with a whisk, shrinking timidly in a corner. Perhaps, the whisk in the hands of the flower core is the whisk of the world. Thinking of this, I, together with Rong Ji, rushed to a newly built village in Beili, Gouweiba Village. As soon as I arrived at the entrance of the village, I was choked by the overwhelming gold powder. Looking closely, the fairies in the village of Dog Tail covered their faces with gold foil, wore gold and silver, and were all secular. Here comes King Bei Li! It looks like he's not much older than the village head. How can he be so good at playing? "Yes!"! Ordinary people would not dare to try those postures on the scroll. "The king of the east is so handsome." "What's the use of being handsome?"? Didn't you see the two of them dressed simply and with plain faces? The two countries of Donglin and Beili must have been reduced to a remote place. They didn't come here this time to divide up the gold, silver and jewelry of our dog's tail village, did they? ……… These little fairies were really assimilated by the flower core, and they took the useless money so seriously. I steeled myself and went straight to the golden spiral ladder in the dog's tail village. On the thousand-step ladder inlaid with gold and silver, Huaxin lay on her side in a pile of gold powder, holding a thick stack of silver tickets in one hand and dipping in saliva in the other hand from time to time, counting the silver tickets quickly. Counting to the top of the head, the dog's tail grass between the flower core and the double bun will jump up excitedly to the thin trunk falling against the wind. And Huang Fuxuan sat quietly on the edge of the roof,alloy die casting, looking at the appearance of the flower core counting silver tickets while spoiling, while drawing vigorously. Needless to say, the two people in the painting must be me and Rong Ji.