The Great Age of Science and Technology in the Other World

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"Help me." The dark mage wanted to escape, but a suction came from Li Hengxin's hands, trying to disperse

"Help me." The dark mage wanted to escape, but a suction came from Li Hengxin's hands, trying to disperse his body but was sucked back by Li Hengxin, and then a burning heat spread all over his body. The white light of the fire spread from behind, and continued to spread all over the body, the white flame with painful light and heat. "Ah," the Dark Mage screamed, and some of the other companions did not dare to come forward, some with a look of schadenfreude, or simply did not take him to heart. The Dark Mage struggled to atomize with his last bit of strength, but found himself imprisoned in a narrow space, waiting for him only to die. Light and heat slowly burned away the last trace of his life. It feels good to kill people to silence them! Li Hengxin breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he had learned the magic'imprisonment 'from Alkaz. Otherwise, it would be really difficult to deal with such a dark mage of the Demons. Hughes, you and the fat man hold off the monster while I clean up the mess! Li Hengxin immediately rushed to these holy Demons, although they are already strong, but in the face of Li Hengxin, immediately showed an absolute gap, almost one-sided situation, those Demon masters simply can not block Li Hengxin more than three strokes. And under the means of Li Hengxin's thunder. Has lost the fighting spirit,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, where there is the idea of fighting again. The more they wanted to retreat, the more Li Hengxin stepped up his offensive. In less than half an hour, he had killed four Demon masters, and the remaining nine were struggling to resist Li Hengxin. Li Hengxin deeply understood the trouble of cutting the grass without uprooting the roots and the spring breeze blowing again. So this time he resolutely carried out the policy of killing people and destroying corpses. Sofia also came out, Sofia's energy has increased more than ten times compared to when she first came to the land of Omis, but the way of attack has not changed much, still using her materialization and virtualization program. When the other side thought she was attacked,Service Sink Faucets, it was often the time when Sophia put the Holy Light Bullet on the other side's forehead. In general combat. Li Hengxin will not let Sofia participate, and once Sofia participates, it is the time to uproot. The Demons had no time to show surprise at Sofia's appearance. Sofia and Li Hengxin's thunderous means made them lose half of the people. There were only nine people left, and four died in an instant. Where did the remaining five still have the mind to fight again? They turned around and ran away. They made a mistake, a mistake that could hasten their death. They exposed their backs to Li Hengxin. Da-da-da After a burst of smoke, those Demon masters have been shot into a sieve in the stunned eyes of others. Each Demon's body is no less than a hundred bullet holes, they do not know what weapons they died under. The Balrog is also a sudden chill, this time want to get rid of the Winged Devil and Newkiran Hughes entanglement has not been easy, coupled with the absence of Li Hengxin, if it goes on like this, he can not escape the end of extinction. Let's work together to solve him! Li Hengxin shouted loudly, joined the siege, the Balrog pressure suddenly increased, the other two people are not staying, Stainless Steel Toilet China ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, determined to make a quick decision, leaving a Balrog such a top player, really dangerous. Li Hengxin's weirdness, the speed of the winged demon, and the strength of Newkiran Hughes, the three complement each other, so that their attack doubled, the Balrog struggled to resist, he knew that if he went on like this, he would be defeated without a hundred strokes. Ah- "Balrog suddenly roared, the body of the fierce explosion shot out a burst of black inflammation, the crowd startled, pulled away and flew back.". The Balrog's body swelled a little, and the Winged Devil shouted, "He's going to explode himself.." Li Hengxin and Newkiran Hughes immediately retreated, they did not want to be affected, the body of the Balrog swelled a few minutes, the speed of escape of the winged demon was no slower than Li Hengxin, and ran hundreds of meters away in a twinkling of an eye. With the Balrog. If it explodes, everything within a radius of one kilometer will be destroyed. Just when everyone thought the Balrog had reached the point of explosion, the Balrog suddenly shrank, turned around and ran, and now everyone was hundreds of meters away from him. It's too late to catch up. I do not know when Li Hengxin's hands have more than a sniper rifle, infrared accuracy, so that Li Hengxin's aim more convenient. If it is in the front, then the sniper rifle may not have any effect, but the Balrog is good to die will be behind their own. And at the moment the Balrog's single-minded escape, which would have thought that a deadly weapon was facing him. Bang- A loud gunshot spread, but when the Balrog heard the gunshot, there was already a blood hole in his chest the size of a bowl. The power of the sniper gun was already great, and Li Hengxin used a high-explosive warhead. And the bullet of many sniper guns is spiral. Spiral warheads can cause more complete destruction of the target, even 100 centimeters of reinforced concrete can not stop the attack of such bullets. What's more, the body of the Balrog is only flesh and blood, if it is only an ordinary flesh wound, it is not difficult to defeat the Balrog, but the explosion range of the bullet has blown up half of his heart, the Balro in the last few breaths clearly felt his strength in the rapid passage. Vitality is rapidly decreasing, and at this moment, even if you have the intention to explode, you can do nothing. Ah I'm not reconciled. Before the Balrog could shout his last roar, a huge mouth had devoured him. The demonized earthworm bites the corpse of the Balrog and swallows it in minutes. The demonized earthworm can digest any substance, and this high-energy aggregate is its favorite. Li Hengxin solved the Balrog and immediately shot his eyes at the winged demon, with cold light flashing in his eyes, as long as he was not a fool. Everyone knows what Li Hengxin is thinking at the moment. Newquay and Hughes are also behind the winged fiend. To prevent him from escaping,Time Delay Tap, the winged demon had a bitter face. Li Hengxin's weapon had frightened him: "Two adults, I swear I won't say anything about today. Please.." "Why should we believe you?" Li Hengxin interrupted the winged demon, the reason why he did not kill the winged demon immediately. The main thing is to find out the whereabouts of Zhu Lasicao.