Predestined to meet for thousands of years

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Li Lue was very angry, but he could not kick him away for a moment. "Qin Mai, let me go," he said sternly. Qin Mai begged bitterly.

Li Lue was very angry, but he could not kick him away for a moment. "Qin Mai, let me go," he said sternly. Qin Mai begged bitterly. Little Wang Ye, you can't walk. It's too dangerous. What can you do if you fall down? This scene is too beyond his knowledge. He was so shocked that he refused to let go. They were entangled here, but the gate of Liuxianju creaked and was pushed open, and they heard the sound of hurried footsteps turning out from behind the stone of Taihu Lake. Li Lue and Qin Mai looked together, but it was Jing An Wang Ye and the princess who came late at night. Four people face each other, all stunned. The princess was shocked by the situation in front of her, "God!"! Leroy, what are you doing? Looking up the rope ladder again, I was even more shocked. This Isn't this the flying thing from last time? Why did you show up again? Jing An Wang Ye also saw a sudden shock, but he was the king of the clan, and soon calmed down. He rushed forward like a kite, and also wanted to catch Li Lue, who was already three feet off the ground on the rope ladder. Li Lue knew that once he was caught by his father, there would be no day to get away. Without mercy, he suddenly kicked off Qin Mai, who was holding him. And the two people who saw the situation clearly in midair were not willing to fall short of success. Yao Jizong hurriedly took off the lid on the copper basin and threw in a few pieces of firewood soaked in tung oil. As soon as the fire raged, the hot air balloon immediately rose and accelerated. With Li Lue, like pulling the seedlings to help them grow, he suddenly jumped up a large section, which made Wang Ye empty. The deeper the night, the faster the wind,CNC machining parts, and the balloon was so fast that it took Li Lue, who had fallen on the rope ladder, far away in a twinkling of an eye. The princess could not help sobbing, "this." What's going on here? Where will Leroy be taken? Wang Ye's face was as heavy as pig iron, and he gave the order in a hurry. Quickly prepare the fast horse and give me a chase. Be sure to chase him back. Chapter 75 King Jing'an returned home late, and as soon as he entered the Haoran Hall, where he slept, the princess couldn't wait to come out and tell him the good news, saying that she had figured it out and was no longer wringing it. When he heard her talk in detail,DIN screw plug, he frowned and had a different intuition. When the princess and his son-in-law came, he was still so fierce. How could he suddenly come to his senses? Ken ate and apologized to his mother again and again. Wang Ye suddenly stood up and said, "I'm going to Liuxianju." The princess was in high spirits when she saw that Wang Ye's face was not at all happy. Instead, she frowned and walked out quickly, following her without knowing why. As a result, when both of them came to Liuxianju, they saw Li Lue fly away. The princess was so sad that she fell to the ground in tears. Lue, no wonder you keep saying sorry to your mother. "It turns out that you have such a heart and want to give up your mother." King Jing'an did not care to appease the princess, so he personally led a group of generals to ride on a fast horse, holding torches, and galloping after the Shenzhou V flying in the air. Stare at the fire in the sky and chase it. Those who catch up will be rewarded with a hundred taels of silver. Wang Ye rewarded the brave man, and the horses galloped more and more quickly. In the middle of the night, the streets of Chang'an were particularly empty, except for this group of fast horseshoes, which made a series of crisp sounds on the bluestone pavement. Like suddenly opening a sealed bottle, there is a sound rushing out-like a mountain rain coming and a building full of wind. On Shenzhou V, socket screw plug ,metal stamping parts, Li Lue had climbed into the hanging basket along the rope ladder. Before he stood still in the basket, he hugged Ruan Ruowei. She also pounced on him, and they hugged each other tightly, as if they were inseparable as one-so much so that they loved each other like Siamese twins. That is to remove the bone and cut the flesh. I say you two, don't just make out, there are still pursuers. Yao Jizong could not help frowning as he looked at the group of fast horses coming from the torches on the ground. It would be troublesome to be pursued by them like maggots attached to bones. Although the Shenzhou V can carry three people to fly at the same time after several times of excellence, its speed is somewhat slower. Moreover, the load has been saturated, can not take too much firewood, flight time is limited. If they were overtaken by King Jing'an when they landed, they would have run away in vain. Without thinking, he threw all the remaining firewood in his hand into the copper basin. Take advantage of the wind to fly quickly, the faster the better. Wind, you come more fiercely. Ruan Ruowei glanced at the pursuers on the ground and shouted to the sky. Yes, at this moment, if the wind gentleman is willing to do a convenient, let them fly faster and farther, it would be better. As expected, the weather cooperated and fulfilled her wish. The wind was steep and swift, and Shenzhou V flew like a meteor by the wind. The three of them felt that they were flying so fast that they sat down as if they were sitting in a cradle. It was surrounded by a dark blue night sky, full of stars that could be touched by hands. Yao Jizong said with a smile, "Ruan Ruowei, you are so powerful that you can command the wind and rain." Ruan Ruowei suddenly became excited and began to read the words. I am Qingdu Shanshuilang, Tianjiao Command and Shukuang. Once granted the rain to support the wind ticket, tired to stay on the cloud to borrow the moon chapter. Thousands of poems, thousands of cups of wine, how many times I looked at the Marquis. Yu Lou Jin Que has gone home, and plum blossoms are drunk in Luoyang. "Good words." When Li Lue heard this, his eyes shone bright. "If you are weak, you are really a talented woman." Ruan Ruowei did not dare to plunder the beauty of others, so he quickly declared. It was not written by me, but by Zhu Dunru of the Song Dynasty. In this situation, I suddenly wanted to come, so I borrowed it to recite. Li Lue, after we leave Chang'an, we might as well go to Luoyang. Near winter, just go to try and insert plum blossom drunk Luoyang's fun, how about it? Li Lue, of course, would not object, and Yao Jizong was ready to hear it. I want to go, too. Why don't we three go to Luoyang together? "A threesome?" Ruan Ruowei burst out laughing. "Do you want to be a third wheel?" Although Li Lue could not understand this, he could guess the meaning, which meant that Yao Jizong was superfluous. He turned to him and said with a smile, "Yao Jizong, thank you very much for coming to your rescue.". But this.. I don't want you to get involved. Yao Jizong shouted, "Cross the river and tear down the bridge, go up the house and draw the ladder, you two have no conscience." Let him shout, Ruan Ruowei and Li Lue just snuggled together and laughed. When you look at me and I look at you, I see myself in each other's eyes, the only person who can be reflected. After the fire weakened, Shenzhou V began to descend slowly. Yao Jizong stood up to see where he was. Through the moonlight,Investment casting parts, you can see a series of dark mountain shadows of different sizes. Looking into the distance, in the direction of their coming, the group of torches riding fast was still coming.