Time Travel: My 36 Years (1971-2007)

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Lu Yinghui said that she did not want to find a partner now, nor did she want to go to Heyang. But recently

Lu Yinghui said that she did not want to find a partner now, nor did she want to go to Heyang. But recently she found that Ma Yu seemed to have colluded with the head of the hospital and deliberately punished her, showing that she was transferred to the outpatient clinic without any reason. When Lu Yinghui was "depressed" about this matter, a patient introduced her friend Qin Zongquan to her. The man admired Lu Yinghui's beauty, and Lu Yinghui felt that he was a good person, so without any complicated process, they fell in love. When Lv Yinghui said this, I didn't pay much attention to it at first. Later, when I knew the position of that person, I was really surprised. Qin Zongquan is a member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Revolutionary Committee and the head of the Cultural and Health Group. This position is equivalent to the head of the provincial cultural, educational and health department. If we make an analogy with the position in the 21st century, it should be equivalent to the vice governor in charge of scientific research, culture, education and health. What shocked me more was not these, but his "origin". He comes from a rebel background. That's why he's so young. He's only 29. It's not a great thing to be in this position at the age of 29. Wang Hongwen, who was just elected vice chairman of the Central Committee at the 10th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, is also a rebel. He is just 39 years old this year (1974). He was only 32 years old when he served as deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Revolutionary Committee. Chen Zihua is familiar with the word "rebel", but "Zhang Sijing" sounds strange. But "Zhang Sijing" is very clear that about three or four years later, these people who started by rebellion in the "Cultural Revolution" will be "liquidated" with the fall of the "Gang of Four", thus disgracefully withdrawing from the stage of history. I sighed in my heart: Lv Yinghui, Lv Yinghui, you said that you picked up an "object" and picked it up for a long time. How did you pick such a thing? But I can only sigh in my heart, I can not say, when Lv Yinghui asked me, "What do you think", I can only say very good, very rare, he is a high official ah, so young and promising! Lu Yinghui sighed, "Forget it, Zihua. I know what you think in your heart. You must look down on me." "She raised her hand to stop my argument." You let me finish. I know very well that I can't compare with you. You are the smartest one among the 250 female soldiers on the construction site. You can always control your own destiny and create the most favorable opportunities for yourself. But I can't. My weakness is innate. I can never compare with you. So, I can only go this way. Of course, I also have my principles. When you go to Heyang, you must tell me that I will introduce you to Xiaoqin. He is different from other political upstarts. He is not arrogant. He is honest and kind to me. When you see him, you will know his charm. Speaking of this, Lu Yinghui's beautiful big eyes flashed with sweet and happy brilliance. I can't say anything else. I can only nod yes. According to my intention, stainless steel 304 pipes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, I really want to break them up now. But I can't do that. In fact, I may not be able to do that. However, if I watch Qin Zongquan drag my best friend to the wrong road of life, I am really unwilling. After dinner, Lv Yinghui and I went to the operating room together. Before the operation was finished, Director Ding and administrator Yue squatted on the steps in front of the building and smoked. Seeing Lu Yinghui coming, both of them stood up. When Lv Yinghui was at the construction site, she was very arrogant and introverted, so none of the cadres and soldiers at the construction site dared to joke with her. Director Ding greeted her politely: "Nurse Lv, haven't you got off work yet?" Lu Yinghui nodded to them and said, "I'm off work.". Wait a minute. I'll go in and have a look. About twenty minutes later, Lu Yinghui came out of the building and said, "OK, the operation will be finished soon. There is no problem.". Before Zhang Lihua woke up, Wang Shuwen fell asleep with a sedative. Zhang Lihua is a special nurse. You can go back if you have nothing to do. Director Ding looked at administrator Yue, and administrator Yue said, "We can't help here.". Why don't we come back tomorrow? Director Ding looked at me again, and that's what I meant. After Director Ding thanked Lu Yinghui, we returned to Qiaoluoshan overnight. After returning to the construction site, we went to Director Ma's house to report to him. As soon as Director Ding said a few words, Director Ma stopped him. Director Ma picked up the phone and called Yang Cishan and asked him if he was free at the moment, saying that Laoding had come back from 987. After getting a positive answer, he said, let's go next door and let the commissar listen together. Ma Yu took us to the commissar's house. Yang Cishan was shaking a fan in the yard to enjoy the cool. After we went there, he asked administrator Yue to take out a big watermelon from the house and cut it open. While eating the watermelon, Director Ding told us about the injuries of the two men. Zhang Lihua has several fractures, which are serious injuries, but his life is not in danger. Wang Shuwen is not a big problem, except for two minor injuries, mainly moderate concussion. The commissar told us about the investigation results of the car accident. Since the British Jeep did not show any signs of scraping and there were no signs of braking on the road, Wang Shuwen's so-called "local truck" accident should be totally false. The British jeep was inexplicably driven into the ditch by Wang Shuwen. When the political commissar said this, I suddenly understood why Ma Yu had to bring us to report to Yang Cishan: because Wang Shuwen was Director Ma's man, he had just been dealt with for a short time because of "ricochet injuries," and had made such a big mistake. If the political commissar Yang holds on to it, Wang Shuwen will be in great trouble, and even Ma Yu's face will be disgraceful. Therefore, Ma Yu needs Yang Cishan to help him cover up the truth of the accident to his superiors and avoid being held accountable for his leadership (of course, Yang Cishan is also responsible, but that responsibility is much smaller). So that night,Cold Drawn Tubes, Lao Ma brought us (I don't count, it should be said that he brought Director Ding and Administrator Yue) to the political commissar's house, both to "apologize" and to "surrender". cbiesautomotive.com