Books Can't Talk, But Authors Can – and Should!

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All book publicity campaigns are about books, obviously, but authors (and their publicists) are the ones who bring them to life. If there ever were days when authors could write books and then sit back while they sold, those days are gone. Given the competitiveness of today's bookselling marketplace, it takes a well-rounded campaign to give a new book momentum. There's also a popular misconception that you can promote a book solely on social media. It's not enough unless you're a celebrity with hundreds of thousands of followers. You need a well-rounded program that reaches target readers in various ways.

Some authors are outgoing and natural extroverts – born salespeople, and they naturally win friends in the media to promote their books as part of being themselves. But many writers are quieter, more introverted personalities, and carefully planning their PR programs is essential for them. Scheduling time to talk with the media and make coordinated social media posts can increase your effectiveness. Being proactive and following through with what your publicist schedules is imperative. Making appearances at events and presentations is also part of the game. Today, they also end up as content for social media posts.

If you've written a book and are new to being in the spotlight, media training might be a wise investment of your time and budget. Seasoned media trainers can work with you about what to say and how to say it. Our body language says a lot, and ensuring you're open and welcoming to people is always helpful. Sometimes an interviewer might not ask questions automatically, leading to answers containing your key promotional messages. When you have excellent interview skills, you'll know how to work them in while still answering the host's questions. Doing better in interviews helps sell books.

If you're invited to do a book signing in brick-and-mortar stores, consider making a brief talk or presentation at the start. It gives the store an added dimension to promote and helps fans understand more about you and your book. Most stores today will help you set up; some may even have projection screens and equipment allowing you to show visuals from your phone or laptop. If your book has illustrations or other visual material, sharing it with the audience while you give a talk enhances the experience. The good news about today is that authors have many excellent ways to promote books.