Today the emperor died without a book.

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Since it will not threaten her life, it is casual, not every reader has the right to participate in the fun plot in the book

Since it will not threaten her life, it is casual, not every reader has the right to participate in the fun plot in the book, Miaomiao agreed with great interest, anyway, there is a national teacher, Lu Sheng should agree. Thinking of this, she waited for the national teacher to leave and began to pack her bags happily, waiting for the first time to travel after crossing. Lu Yu and Li Mengmeng also helped her pack her things, looking like a good boy who didn't have to worry about them having a good time. Miao Miao pinched both of their faces happily. Unfortunately, happiness is always short. That night, Lu Sheng called Miao Miao over with a cold face. Are you going to the ancestor worship ceremony? He asked, frowning. Miaomiao blinked her eyes and said with a little anticipation, "I heard that Xiangyun Mountain is very interesting, and the national teacher is willing to take the maidservant with him, so the maidservant.." "You said you didn't want to go?" Lu Sheng interrupted her. Miao Miao realized that he seemed to be very dissatisfied with this matter, his heart missed a beat, and then opened his mouth with some caution: "If the emperor does not want to let the maidservant go, then the maidservant will not go." He was unhappy because the woman did not tell himself, but told the national teacher that he felt unhappy. He asked her to come over and ask her, and heard her perfunctory instead of telling the truth in her heart. The little irritability in Lu Sheng's heart immediately expanded tens of times. If I don't let you go,plastic pallet crates, don't you want to go? Lu Sheng's voice became colder and colder. Miaomiao pursed her lips and nodded obediently, but in her heart she scolded the dog emperor a hundred times. Is there such a shortage of people in the palace? Isn't she just walking for five or six days, seven or eight days? It's worth getting so angry? "Then don't go. I didn't go. What are you going to do with a maid of honor?" Lu Sheng looked at him coldly and did not know where his anger came from. Miao Miao took one look at him and answered in a low voice. As soon as Lu Sheng saw her aggrieved appearance, he was bored, as if he had done something to her, but he was reluctant to punish her, so he could only tell people to get out of sight and out of mind. When Miaomiao left, Lu Sheng seemed to see her eyes red,plastic pallet suppliers, a look of crying, so that his heart like an instant pressure on a big stone, the thought of this big stone is only because of the drug effect, he did not call people back with a cold face. Miaomiao went to work happily and got off work desolately. When she returned to Hanzhi Palace, she didn't want to say a word. Lu Yu asked a few questions. Her eyes were red. Without saying a word, she began to untie the bundle and take out the things inside one by one. In fact, she did not say that she wanted to go very much, but after Lu Sheng forbade her to go, she went crazy and wanted to go. When she left the palace later, she would have a good time for a few months. Miaomiao sniffed and thought. As soon as Lu Yu saw her like this, he knew that she might not be able to go out to play. After a long silence, he took Li Mengmeng and Dazhao out, leaving her alone. After settling a man and a cat in his room, he went to the Longxi Hall alone. Lu Sheng is bored sitting on the soft couch, a listen to Lu Yu came, collapsible pallet box ,plastic bulk containers, the first reaction is that the woman out of what moths, immediately let Lu Yu come in. As soon as Lu Yu came in, he stared at him with his black eyes as before, as if he had strictly obeyed his orders and would never speak anywhere else. Talk Lu Sheng said indifferently. Lu Yu stared at him for a long time before he said, "No wonder Miaomiao made a purse for you, but didn't give it to you." “?” "If you bully her like this, she will give it to you." Lu Yu finished, in the heart carefree many, turns around to leave, the result is stopped by the palace person who has the look extremely. Lu Sheng was stunned for a long time before he suddenly came to his senses. "What did you say?"? She made me a purse? Lu Yu pursed his lips and said nothing. Lu Sheng frowned, "Speak. Where is your purse? Why didn't you send it to me?" Unfortunately, this time no matter how Lu Sheng threatened, Lu Yu did not open his mouth, so Lu Sheng only knew that Miao Miao had made a purse for him, but never knew why he did not give it to him. He wanted to call Miao Miao over to ask, but after thinking about it, he still did not do so. It's a pity that because of Lu Yu's words, Lu Sheng lost sleep completely at night. He kept thinking about what kind of purse the woman would make for him, but it was better than the national teacher's. If it was uglier than the national teacher's, he certainly wouldn't want it. However, the national teacher was already ugly, and he must be better than the National Teacher's. When the time came, he could only reluctantly accept it. No, she didn't give him her purse. Is it difficult for her not to give it to him just because he won't let her go to Xiangyun Mountain? As if he wanted it very much, wearing such an ugly thing on his waist would only lose his identity, otherwise he would not have forced the national teacher to take it off. So if he doesn't want it, why should he worry about her mood? It's all because of this damn medicine. Lu Sheng in the dark black face, a black is a night, the second day followed by black, is his eye. Three days later, two hours before the departure of the ancestor worship troops, Miaomiao yawned and leaned on Lu Sheng's feet. Although his eyelids were heavy, there was no sleepiness in his heart. His mind kept thinking about the team outside preparing for departure. Have you been a little absent-minded these days? The man on the bed said lightly. Miao Miao was surprised: "Your Majesty, why are you awake at this hour?" When Lu Sheng wanted to get up, Miao Miao hurried over to help him up and put a pillow behind him. Lu Sheng looked at her lazily and waited on him. After a while, he said, "If I don't let you go to the ancestor worship ceremony, will you hate me for the rest of your life?" “…… What did the emperor say? How dare the maidservant? Miaomiao laughed, but in her heart she nodded wildly. She couldn't see the excitement she wanted to see. Even if she didn't hate you for a lifetime, she would scold you for a while. Scold me in your heart? "No!" Miao Miao immediately said. Lu Sheng gave her a sidelong glance. He obviously didn't believe her. After a pause, he said, "Go back and pack up your things. Sleep for a while. When the time comes, you'll follow." Miao Miao was stupefied for a moment, then surprised: "Really?!" "When have I ever cheated you?" “……” Did you eat the matter of Na Fei to the dog's stomach a few days ago? But can go out to play, Miao Miao is also too lazy to take him seriously, a grateful thanks to him, then ran back to pack the bundle. After she left for a long time,drum spill pallet, Lu Sheng slightly raised the corners of his mouth and never put them down. After a long time, he said, "Idiot." 。