Floating Life Story Complete

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"The girl in red is telling the truth." The fireworks finally opened again, and my eyes were gorgeous and cold.

"The girl in red is telling the truth." The fireworks finally opened again, and my eyes were gorgeous and cold. You don't even need his explanation? Zi Miao did not look at me and enjoyed the continuous beauty of the air. Ao Chi's temper is impulsive and irascible, and he can't tolerate being wronged. I lowered my eyes and held the rabbit lamp on my lap. "If it were not true, he would deny it on the spot, and it would be possible to kill the false accuser.". His greatest strength is that he dares to act. He said that lying was boring and laborious, and that if you did it, even if you were wrong, you would not lose a piece of meat by admitting it. I paused and looked at Zimiao. "He hasn't lied to me for so many years, except for the twenty years he left me." "Don't listen to one side and believe one side, even to yourself." He patted me on the shoulder. "I still have to go back." "When the festival is over." I really like this rabbit lamp, holding it, my arms are warm. Ha ha, I am thinking, if once you, meet just that scene, what will happen? He tilted his head and looked me up and down. "I'm afraid the Tigress went down the mountain, crying and hanging herself." "Nonsense!"! I wasn't this tough before! The only thing I've ever been fierce about is the old man Jiu Jue. I gave him a white look. Yes, when he comes to play chess with me, he always makes fun of you. You can't see him most. He nodded and laughed. I fell into the same happy memory with him. It's one of the few things I have in common with him. Do you want to see your old friend? I can find him. I asked him,14 tube fitting, and I kept going back to this matter, so far without informing anyone, including Jiu Jue. No. He smiled and waved his hand. "If you see that drunkard, you can't be quiet." Also, in the style of Jiu Jue, his way of expressing shock and surprise must be drinking, and I'm afraid he will be drunk until he dies. Now that he had just come to a new place and strange things were happening frequently,hydraulic fitting supplier, it was really inappropriate to visit relatives and friends. At any time, they are considerate and seldom emotional. This is what I admire about Zimiao and what I hated most. Why haven't you had the idea of going back? I suddenly asked him, "Are you really taking things as they come?" When it's time to go back, go back naturally. What the world loves to embarrass itself most is the word'anxious'. He laughed. Talking to him, there is always an inexplicable feeling of seeing flowers in the fog and looking at the moon in the water, which is clearly in front of us, but we can't always touch or grasp it. If you go back. I hesitated for a moment. "What would you do?" Ao Chi that outspoken thing, said everything, including his incarnation of rain, the solution to the world drought, even his daughter, Zhuge Jingjun and Zhuge Jun that past, also all shake out, tube fitting manufacturer ,brass tube fitting, regardless of the psychological endurance of Zi Miao, only for his own pleasure. Fortunately, the object of his "revelation" is Zimiao. These important events concerning life and death do not seem to disturb Zimiao's mood. In the process of listening, he is very careful, occasionally frowning, occasionally smiling, without any intense performance. Zi Miao is still in his memory, and he hasn't changed at all. The direction of fate is fixed. He answered me calmly. I believe in fate and refuse to accept it. I looked into his eyes and jokingly said, "Once I thought so firmly that fate took you away from my life forever.". And now it's sending you back. Do you think I should believe in fate? Do you want me to come back? He suddenly asked. A gust of wind blew, and the candlelight in the rabbit lamp shook violently. I can't answer this question. Because I always thought that there was no reason for this problem to exist, and that he could not come back, whether I wanted it or not. I hope not. You're back. I followed his example and didn't give an answer. Then he stuck out his tongue, and then he was embarrassed. How old are you, but you still stick out your tongue? You look like the little spinulosa I'm familiar with. He probably grabbed my ugly tongue and touched my head, his eyes as gentle as ever. I lowered my head and was confused. Zi Miao's palm, Ao Chi's panic, and the grievance of the woman in red are rolling in my emotions. Don't go back? He asked. After daybreak. I'm still stubborn. "Well, come with me to see the lights." He stood up and held out his hand to me. You're going to show yourself? Dressed like that? I glanced at his costume, his long black hair, his white robe, and his long body. If he appeared, mortals would go crazy. Shangyuan Lantern Festival, why not dress like this? He didn't think much of it. "Do you think I'm dressed in a rustic way and don't want to go together?" His eyes were as naughty as those of an old urchin. All right, holidays, whatever you want, who cares what other people think! I took her hand to stand up, a dress instantly changed appearance, fashionable coat and high-heeled shoes disappeared, only Cuishan Luo skirt, embroidered shoes into the lotus. A thousand years ago, I was like this. I didn't think about anything, so I walked into the crowd and set foot on the long street of lanterns leading to the distance. A lot of people were watching us, and I even heard a little girl exclaiming, no malice, all envy. Zi Miao took his rabbit lamp in one hand, took me in the other hand, and walked with the crowd calmly and easily. From time to time, he told me what the answer to the riddle was and what the origin of the food was. It seems that the person who has lost time is not him, but me. On that autumn day many, many years ago, he and I also walked in the street market like this. On that day, I was as happy as a bird flying out of a cage. Any ordinary street scenery and pedestrians were the source of excitement and curiosity for me. No matter how crazy I run, he will always be behind me,pipe fittings manufacturer, not more than a step away. I thought I'd be in the market with him again. It's a dream that can't be fulfilled in a lifetime. But when the dream came true, I could no longer find the ecstasy of that year. This world is as familiar as one's own fingers, and there is no way to be curious. chinaroke.com