Wu Nian Lu Yue

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"It's all right, I just don't want you to worry." Chen Yuhua held Lin Ziyue's hand on the handle of the wheelchair

"It's all right, I just don't want you to worry." Chen Yuhua held Lin Ziyue's hand on the handle of the wheelchair instead, and the suffering of her illness made her hands shriveled. Ziyue, you.. Don't you want to come back? After a moment of silence, Chen Yuhua finally asked the question that he had never dared to ask. Such a question undoubtedly pulled both of them back to the past. Chen Yuhua felt his hands clenched into fists and sweated slightly. I know, our Lu family is sorry for you, I should not have forced you. "Mom.." Unable to bear to let the old man compromise so humbly, Lin Ziyue stopped her words. All right, all right, let's not talk about these unhappy things. Stay for lunch, huh? "Mmm." The old man's eager eyes made Lin Ziyue unable to refuse after all. By lunchtime, Lin Ziyue regretted his momentary softness. She did not expect Lu Hang to be at home. This workaholic in the eyes of others usually works overtime in the company on weekends, but now he is sitting directly opposite her, making no secret of the banter in his eyes, staring at her with his inherent domineering momentum. The inexplicable sense of oppression makes Lin Ziyue gradually feel suffocated, as if every beat of the heart is particularly light in this silent space. I don't know how long it took, but I thought I heard him whisper to Mrs. Ou that dinner was ready. The little Mongolian beside him looked at the stranger in front of him and called in a low voice: "Dad." After a long time,metal stamping parts, Lu Hang gave a "hmm". During the meal, he was silent, only the interaction and conversation between Xiao Mongolia and Chen Yuhua were flowing in the middle. Such an atmosphere makes Lin Ziyue pray silently in her heart that time will pass quickly. After dinner, when Chen Yuhua took a nap, Lin Ziyue walked out of the room and went to the room at the end of the corridor. She felt so cold and bitter. Her heart was heavy and suffocated. Her heart was full of unspeakable and bitter. She held her hand on the doorknob and turned away. Hearing a "squeak" behind her, Lin Ziyue stopped. Why,die casting parts, I haven't seen you for so long, and you left without saying hello? His dark eyes reflected a cold, expressionless face, only a lonely and indifferent look, a lazy tone, thinking that Lin Ziyue had committed some heinous crime that was unforgivable. Lin Ziyue wondered, didn't they just meet in the hospital a few days ago? But it's also true that, apart from the two days in the hospital, there were only two "polite" exchanges. This is the first time they met after four years, and it's still in their home. Yes, this used to be her home. "Home has always been a strange and eager name for Lin Ziyue, and now she has tried her best to protect her family with Little Mongolia." I thought you were busy. Lin Ziyue said this lame excuse calmly. Busy, Investment casting parts ,car radiator cap, yes, but busy, I will find time to say goodbye to my wife. Lu Hang immediately felt anxious and angry, why Lin Ziyue could always ignore his existence in front of him. Hearing the anger in Lu Hang's tone, for fear that he would pick out trouble, Lin Ziyue said, "If it's all right, I'll go first." Then turn around and leave. He's back. Turbulent contradictions in the chest tangled in confusion, Lu Hang knew that his words were undoubtedly provoking Lin Ziyue. In addition to the smoke of gunpowder four years ago, there was a long cold war and separation between them. Lin Ziyue's wound festered, which made Lu Hang feel a little pleasant. She still had feelings, and looked at her bloodless face, chapped lips and scattered eyes at the moment. Lu Hang's heart-wrenching pain in his chest was also tearing him. Rigid confrontation, such as the silence of iron, even the surrounding air also followed the solidification up, this is not an endless dispute, Lu Hang knew in his heart. Lin Ziyue turned around and automatically rotated the words "He's back" in his mind. She kept telling herself to calm down. What she needed most now was calmness. But her heart was blank. Only the chill to the bone climbed up from her heart. She couldn't resist it. She could only grasp her chest with both hands. She thought that after so many years, there would be no pain. The original pain has always been there, but I forget that it is the feeling of pain. Suddenly, the suffocating pain flooded her whole body like a flood, a despair. Sitting in the car on the way home, the little Mongolian beside him could not resist the exhaustion and fell asleep. The warm and dazzling sunshine outside the window came directly in. Lin Ziyue raised her arm and covered her sight with her closed palm. Through the gap between her fingers, occasionally there were a few rays of light lying quietly, as if motionless, only occasionally fluctuating slightly with the fluctuation of the car body. Someone once said in memory that the bigger the gap between her fingers, the more happiness she left behind. Is it true that if you try to close your fingers, you can firmly grasp happiness with both hands. The abandonment of parents when they were young, the betrayal of friends around them, the departure of loved ones.. Up to now, the situation between her and Lu Hang has never been favored by God. Looking out of the window at the men and women passing by, they play freely, and their unguarded smiles are always so moving. In their twenties, perhaps they should still be enjoying the care of their parents, with a lot of high-quality young people pursuing hard or with the spoiling of their considerate boyfriends, and indulging in pleasure between friends. Lin Ziyue has never participated in all this. Without the abandonment of his parents, would he not have met Qi Dingming and Lu Hang? If you don't know them, can you still have sweet first love memories, lifelong best friends, and happy families like those girls of the same age? But there is no if in this world,titanium machining parts, all the things that have happened, even if you choose to forget, also can not erase the traces of the bottom of my heart and unspeakable bitterness. autoparts-dx.com