Predestined to meet for thousands of years

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When Yao Jizong saw that Ruan Ruo was weak and looked haggard, he knew that he was suffering from love.

When Yao Jizong saw that Ruan Ruo was weak and looked haggard, he knew that he was suffering from love. Can't help sighing: "You this person, say you are sober, sometimes very muddleheaded.". Say you are confused, and sometimes you are very sober. Since you know that there is no hope with Li Lue, why do you want to be lovesick? It's not that I'm fickle and cruel, but that I really want to persuade you to forget that he is serious for your own good. Even the cleverest man will occasionally do one or two foolish things. Falling in love with Li Lue is a silly thing, and I can be said to be asking for trouble. But I was so happy. Forget Li Lue, how is it possible? I will never forget it. Yao Jizong shouted, "What do you mean?"? Do you want to be haggard for him every day in the days to come? It's just a lost love. Don't make yourself miserable all your life, OK? When I was ten years old, I learned to ride a bicycle. I fell down carelessly and knocked my knee on a pile of broken glass. I could see the bone deeply. It was painful at that time. Ruan Ruowei suddenly changed the subject and talked about his childhood memories. It took a long time for the wound to heal, but it left a scar. So far, it still hurts when you press it with your hand. All wounds will heal one day, but some will leave a dull pain. Li Lue, he will become such a scar in my heart. I will never forget him, even if it hurts. Lovelorn, of course, is not the end of the world, but at present I can not cheer up anyway. Ruan Ruowei patted his chest and said, "Here is a bloody wound that has just been gouged out. Please give me a little time to let it heal slowly." Looking at her heartache like Xizi holding her heart, Yao Jizong couldn't help comforting her again. Maybe you don't have to be too sad. Maybe there's still room for change. Think about it, and optimistic tunnel, "perhaps there is no way out, the result is another village." Ruan Ruowei looked at him with a wry smile, "accept your auspicious words.". See if there really is a turning point. Just as they were talking, Ruan Ruofeng came in. Seeing Yao Jizong present, she immediately said with a smile, "Oh, Yao Ershao,lutein eye complex, you've come to see my third sister again." Yao Jizong quickly stood up and said, "Miss, sit down." "This is my home. Why did you bother to invite me to sit down?" Ruan Ruofeng made fun of him. "He turned the tables." Yao Jizong was stunned and said with a smile, "We're all so familiar with each other. We don't care about your family or mine. We're all the same." Ruan Ruofeng laughed more and more. "Since we are so familiar with each other, we don't care about your family, so we should hurry to marry my third sister.". Why bother to let you run like this every day? The threshold of my house is about to be flattened by you. As a result of this misunderstanding, Ruan Ruowei quickly clarified, "Second Sister, don't talk nonsense. Mr. Yao and I are just friends." "Right, right, right, just friends, just friends." Ruan Ruofeng looked at them suspiciously. "Just friends?"? "And who are you, Third Sister, who are you sighing every day?" How can I explain it clearly for a while? Besides, I can't explain it clearly to her. Ruan Ruowei just showed his face for a moment, phycocyanin spirulina ,turmeric extract powder, at this time she touched the sad thing, lowered his head and did not want to speak. Yao Jizong quickly changed the subject, "Second Miss, you are wearing this red dress today, reflecting the white snow outside, like a red plum blossom.". Beautiful, so beautiful. "Yes!" As soon as Ruan Ruofeng was flattered by him, she stretched her clothes, which were actually very neat, and said, "I like to wear red clothes best, followed by purple.". Do you think I look better in red or purple? Without hesitation, Yao Jizong said, "Everything is fine, but I personally think you will look better if you are thinner." Ruan Ruofeng's Danfeng eyes suddenly turned round. "What do you mean, you think I'm fat?" As soon as Yao Jizong said a word, he knew that it was not appropriate. He quickly rubbed oil on the soles of his feet and ran away. I still have something to do. Goodbye. Ruan Ruofeng refused to give up to chase out, "you don't go, you come back to say clearly, how I fat me." The two of them walked away one after the other, and Ruan Ruofeng's shouts were heard far away. Ruan Ruowei just shook his head with a smile. But the smile was like a flash in the pan and soon disappeared. Looking at the snowflakes flying outside the window, as if the pieces were flying in my heart, my heart was no longer warm but cold as snow. I can't help thinking about Li Lue. How is he now? Apricot came in with tea and said to Ruan Ruowei, "Miss, it's no use for you to have breakfast. Now you can have some snacks." She just shook her head and couldn't eat anything. Think of you more than thirst, think of you more than hunger. Li Lue is now in the snow, performing a sword dance. In the rear courtyard of Haoran Pavilion, snowflakes are like silver butterflies. The two plum trees beside the courtyard are covered with buds in front of the snow. At this moment, the first snow is floating, and they are accompanied by each other. The branches are full of clouds and rosy clouds, and the white snow and red plum are interesting. Li Lue held the sword in his hand. It was a long, narrow and bright sword. When it first left its scabbard, it was as clear as the light of the river and the sea. Dancing, the sword is like frost, implying the sound of wind and thunder. Li Lue's sword dance against the wind and snow, the body is more and more urgent, the sword is faster and faster, pulling out countless sword flowers, accompanied by snowflakes flying all over the sky. Dazzling. He is not performing a sword dance, he is venting, venting the anguish that is full of nowhere to go. His clothes were like clouds in the wind and snow of the sword. This picture is obviously a heroic scene of a sword dance moving in all directions, but inexplicably there is a kind of clear and sad atmosphere emanating invisibly, which makes the viewer feel sad for no reason. The princess stood at the window looking at him for a long time. She had just returned from the empress's palace, tasting incense and waiting for her to take off her brocade satin white fox-fur cloak. In the corner of the room, there were two gilded stoves with bright red jade charcoal fires, which were as warm as spring. The princess looked at her son, who was dancing with a sword in the snow outside the courtyard. His body was as vigorous as an eagle, but his expression between his eyebrows was as tired as a newly shed snake. It is clear at a glance that they are still suffering from love. The princess's heart was covered with a layer of gloom, and she could not help sighing silently. Pay your respects to Wang Ye. Hearing the respectful voice of the incense,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, the princess realized that King Jing'an had also entered the room. The empress specially announced you to the palace, but for the marriage of your son? After waving back the incense, King Jing'an asked about the princess.