Quick wear: boss, have the guts to fight with me by Xin Jiujiu

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She fulfilled his ambition, and he opened up a pure land for her and protected her all the way. Life is a spiritual

She fulfilled his ambition, and he opened up a pure land for her and protected her all the way. Life is a spiritual practice, along the way, to experience the ups and downs, and finally to achieve positive results. Xin Jiujiu opened his diary and wrote down today's feelings and experiences on a brand-new page. Silently prepare for the next book, as for the name, tentatively: "a dream"! In this life, Xin Jiujiu became a well-known writer, as well as a senior tourist, photography enthusiast and well-known travel blogger. There are nine medium-length novels, more than ten short stories and more than thirty autobiographical travel notes. At a young age, it has become a miracle that people like to talk about in the literary world. At the age of 16, he has been writing for 20 years. However.. Such a famous writer, it is said that she never married, when she died, but 37 years old, if not for the sudden avalanche of the Mars Mountains, she would never have died young. Of course, only a few people know that the day Xin Jiujiu was killed was her seventh wedding anniversary, so she did not leave alone. [Ding-! Congratulations to the host for completing the main task and getting 10 credits. The host is currently free to assign attributes of 10.] Eternal space is still a chaos, Xin Jiujiu has not felt the cold of ice and snow,rosmarinic acid supplement, but still subconsciously embracing herself, her voice trembling, seems to have a lingering fear. The system, this plane, why are twins? Who is my lover in every life? In the past, she firmly thought it was He Xun, but later, she once thought it was He Ze. Her sixth sense,fenugreek saponins, which she was proud of, seemed to have failed in the face of twins. He Ze is He Xun's obsession to protect you, and He Xun is He Ze's missing exquisite heart, which is one. Only When I was reincarnated, something went wrong. "This is one …" So, what you said to me is that when Heaven is about to place a great responsibility on a person, he must first suffer his mind, strain his bones and muscles, and starve his body and skin. What does it imply? It's very simple, because your force value has reached the limit of human beings and is about to break through the shackles of human bodies. Naturally, you have to experience some extraordinary things to help you improve yourself. Those setbacks and painful experiences are just the grindstones on your way to success. “……” I don't know why, Xin Jiujiu has a bad feeling, although she has lost confidence in her sixth sense. I know that once I start following your process, you won't stop for me, so I have to tell you these words in advance! I can follow your orders, tannic acid astringent ,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, but.. The diary will follow me wherever I go! Xin Jiujiu's attitude is firm, but the system says it doesn't matter. Are those memories really that important? "Of course!"! That's what I've experienced, and I have the right to choose to remember! [All right.. You can take the diary with you! However, from now on, you must be 100% cooperative with me, and you can no longer question my task schedule! "Good!"! Execute strictly according to your task! And strive for perfection! Chapter 461 520 days of survival in the end of the world (1). Xin Jiujiu has traveled many places and met many people. Perhaps she has not realized it herself, but some potential consciousness has indeed changed quietly, especially for the perception of the word "willing". The mood has changed, naturally open-minded and cheerful. [How does the host add points?] "Continue to increase the force value!" [New Attribute Generation..] Host: Xin Jiujiu Race: Human Intelligence: 60 (a little clever) Appearance: 80 (exquisite beauty) Glamour: 60 (You are beautiful when you smile) Force: 60 (Understanding Skill: Healing) Mental state: good Specialties: acting, grappling, cooking, marksmanship Special Skills: Animal Friend (Passive), Healing (Active) Points: 40 Soul Perfection: 60% [About to enter the new world, please prepare the host, countdown: 3, 2, 1..] [In plot export … …] The current plane of the host is the Earth in parallel time and space, the time is AD 2017, and the end of the world is coming. The host is a journalist, 22 years old, just graduated from university, living in a family of three. Reminder: There is still a month to go before the end of the world. [In Task Export..] Ultimate Quest: Survive for 520 Days in the End of the World (Full Quest: Bonus 10 Force) Side Quests: Not yet available …… After receiving the plot and the task, Xin Jiujiu didn't react for a while. Is this plane the end of the world?! Earth explosion or zombie attack?! God assists system + omnipotent encyclopedia + voice assistant, using the voice of male and female to answer Xin Jiujiu's doubts. It is a genetic variant caused by a virus, which can be understood as a zombie. Zombie! Suddenly opened his eyes, into the goal is a plain white wall, hanging a few small modern decorations, this is a simple bedroom. Sitting up, the thin blanket covering his body slid down, revealing his smooth body. Xin Jiujiu stretched out the clothes at the end of the bed and quickly put them on his body to prevent further exposure. You just said, how long before the end of the world? [One month] Whew. Not now, Xin Jiujiu forced himself to calm down, since he had predicted the danger in advance, he could naturally make preparations in advance. System, my diary! 【……】 What a deep obsession! [On the desk..] Desk? Xin Jiujiu subconsciously turned to look, there is a pile of diaries on the white desk, the system really keeps its word, wrote several years of diaries, unexpectedly all in! In addition, next to the diary, there is a white mobile phone, Xin Jiujiu picked it up and looked at it, and easily unlocked the mobile phone lock with fingerprints. The page stays on the memo. 6:30 (wake up) 7:30 (on duty) 9:00 (Interview with Professor Lin Kai, Chemistry Group, Gene Research Center, Address of Research Center …) In this plane, Xin Jiujiu is a journalist. At this time,naringenin price, the time is 7:35, the general company working time is 8:00, if you do not start late. prius-biotech.com