Auction the baby dragon

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Obviously, the snack tactics are ineffective, and Auston can't help it. Before he met the baby, he never dreamed that he

Obviously, the snack tactics are ineffective, and Auston can't help it. Before he met the baby, he never dreamed that he, a ruthless and ruthless arms giant, would worry about coaxing the child one day. It seems that this father is really not good. Although do not have the heart, but walk is must learn, Auston withdrew his hands, used the last killer! "Since the baby doesn't want to learn, the father will go to work." Auston turned and went to the door. Mother saw that Auston was leaving, and the baby who had been left behind immediately raised his head and hobbled after him. Catching the baby, Auston sighed helplessly, "Baby, I have said many times, you can't call me mother, you should call me father, remember?" "Remember, call Daddy," the baby nodded earnestly. What did you remember? I used to say I remembered it every time,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, but every time I was in a hurry, I didn't miss it. Fortunately, it was in Chinese, and the people around him did not understand Chinese except for the loudspeaker Dreiser, otherwise where was his face. Suddenly, Auston's eyes swept out of the window. Then he gently raised the corners of his mouth and pinched the baby's tender face with a smile. Auston said softly, "If the baby doesn't want his father to leave, then follow him." With that,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, he took the baby's soft hand and walked out of the room. Auston's villa in New York has a large garden with thick turf and expensive Canary dates. Auston walks out of the villa and leads the baby dragon to the sunny garden. This time, Auston did not stand aside to induce the baby, but grabbed the baby's hand and walked slowly together. In an hour "Mr. Dickinson is here, sir." The housekeeper found Auston walking at the back of the villa. I see Answering the housekeeper, Auston turned and said, "Here comes the snack, baby." Hearing this, the baby immediately happily pulled up Auston and went to the villa. Auston followed, looking down at the baby's two thin legs, walking much better than a few days ago, it seems that the morning's efforts have not been in vain. Back at the villa, Dickinson was sitting on the sofa in the living room waiting for them. Seeing Auston come in, Dickinson got up quickly. "Boss." Auston nodded to him to sit down, ghana seed extract ,jujube seed powder, took the snack he bought and handed it to the baby dragon. "Baby, sit here and eat." Then he asked the housekeeper to bring him a glass of milk. Boss, these people are all selected by me personally. There is absolutely no problem with their academic background. Look at them. When Auston sat down, Dickinson handed him a stack of information. Well, Harvard, Cambridge, Princeton, they're all good. Well, the background is good. It's clean. Auston took the data and murmured a comment. Dad, what are you looking at? The baby put down the milk, clung to a moustache, and skipped to Auston's side. Auston gently wiped the baby's white beard with a big finger and said, "Looking at the teacher's file, Dad wants to find a tutor for the baby, a teacher who will teach you basic elementary school knowledge in these two months." "Huh?" Chapter 15 The Tutor In the morning, the sun is bright and mild, the air is fresh and pleasant, and the baby dragon lies on the soft white bed, reading fairy tales and sunbathing. A big pure white silk pajamas was loosely put on his petite body. His long black hair was scattered on one side, revealing his tender neck and half of his shoulders. In the sunshine, the whole person was emitting a faint soft light, glittering and translucent like a crystal carving. Shaking his two little white feet, the baby dragon read the Mermaid Princess with great concentration. He pouted and frowned for a while, giggled and cried for a while. That concentration was no less than that of a lady-killer staring at a beautiful woman or a beautiful man. Since being stimulated by the CD incident (I don't know exactly which stimulation), Auston has thoroughly cleaned up all the reading materials and CDs in his house. Based on the principle that he would rather kill a thousand people by mistake than let one go, he has contributed all of them to the trash can. Then, in order to comfort the baby who seemed a little depressed because of the loss of part of the joy of life, Auston asked Dillon to buy back a large number of cartoons and fairy tale books suitable for him to watch. Now, the baby's life has become full again. Every night, Auston has to repeatedly urge the baby to put down the half-read book and go back to bed. When the innocent baby dragon was moved to tears by the little mermaid's unrequited efforts, Auston's cry came from downstairs. Baby, are you in the bedroom? Come down. Daddy has something to say. It was the mother who came back. The baby hurriedly threw down the book, jumped out of bed, rushed out of the room disheveled, and ran downstairs. Dad- "Before anyone could be seen, the baby's childish voice trailed its tender little tail all the way to Auston's ears.". Early this morning, Auston was called away by Dillon, and the baby, who had been reading for most of the night, was sleeping soundly at that time. Auston whispered a lot in his ear. He only heard the sentence'Come back before noon '. What did Auston do? The baby didn't hear it clearly and didn't care. Baby Auston reached out to catch the swooping little body and leaned over to touch his forehead with his forehead. Baby, have you been good? Have you had breakfast? "I've been reading in my bedroom and I've had breakfast." "Oh, my son is the best. Come on, give Dad a sweet one." After kissing the tender face, he couldn't help pinching it. Baby,pumpkin seed extract, Daddy brought someone back today. Come on, let me introduce you. Auston let go of his hand and stood sideways. Then the baby saw a tall, thin young man standing behind him. He had a very handsome face. His short black hair hung niftily on it. His wheat-colored skin shone with healthy luster. His big black and brown eyes looked at the baby gently. This is an Asian with black hair and yellow skin.