Thief of life [wear quickly]

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Thief of life [wear quickly]Thief of life [wear quickly]Thief of life [wear quickly]Thief of life [wear quickly]

Early the next morning, when the sky was dim, Ning Wushuang woke up and noticed a man sitting in his room. The blue clothes are elegant, and the eyebrows and eyes are clear. Who is it if it's not Big Brother? But he was sitting on a stool, with a locked demon bag at his feet, and his whole body was extremely attentive. Wipe the sword. Big Brother? Ning Wushuang wiped his eyes, climbed out of bed, and really saw the scene in front of him. There is blood on Big Brother's sword. To be exact, there is more blood on the lock demon bag, which is leached from the inside. Ning Wushuang hurriedly opened the lock demon bag, and a sobbing big white dog rolled out. Its right paw was cut off, and its right paw was seized by a sword. Its chickens.. Chicken. Ning Wushuang only felt a cold in his lower body. He felt the frost and cold aura emanating from his elder brother. He just wanted to stay away from it. As a result, Ning Wushuang quietly went to find Chu Weizhi and told him what happened yesterday. Big Brother's anger had not disappeared yet. The two were beaten by the elder brother from childhood to adulthood, and naturally they were convinced of him. At this time, neither of them wanted to touch his bad luck again. So when they set off the next day, they took the lead in riding two horses and left the carriage to Big Brother and Xiahou Yuehuai. Two people are very shameless to sell Xiahou Yuehuai, they are brothers, Yuehuai is the elder sister, when it's time to sell the elder sister, you have to sell! As everyone knows, Gu Qinglan did not come to behead this dog demon early in the morning because he was angry yesterday, but. The unclean thing of the dog demon touched someone on his heart tip. On the way back to Mount Mi,smart boards for conference rooms, Chu Weizhi and Ning Wushuang rode in a hurry, leaving the two men in the carriage awkwardly facing each other. Yesterday Wu Zhen raised his head and peeked at the man opposite. I saw him sitting upright, his ears covered by hair, as red as blood. Wu Zhen's heart seems to be out of the sun, warm, especially good, "I mean yesterday, this dog things touch." Touch me here. With these words,interactive touch screens education, he kicked the lock demon bag at his feet. When Gu Qinglan heard this, he raised his head and straightened Wu Zhen's face, which was close at hand. The girl smiled at the corners of her mouth and looked at him with big black eyes. While he was in a daze, she quickly took his hand and reached into her abdomen. At the moment of touching the belt, Gu Qinglan, like an electric shock, shook off her hand and broke free. Yuehuai, you have an engagement, you can't. The next second he couldn't speak. The girl straddled his thigh in a very ambiguous position, and her hand held his hand persistently, as if no matter how many times he shook it off, she would summon up the courage to cover it again. In fact, he could feel that her hands were shaking, and she was still afraid. Afraid.. He pushed her away again. The girl's lips fell, and her kiss was fierce and fierce, interactive whiteboard for schools ,classroom interactive whiteboard, prying open his teeth and biting his tongue. Gu Qinglan's body leaned against the wall of the bumpy carriage, and it was he who passively bore the kiss, the passion, and the throb. The girl spread her legs, knelt on both sides of his thighs, stood up, and held his face deeply, deeply. Entangled lips and teeth.. She seems to have loved him for a long time, suffocating in the heart of that passion, how to vent. Not enough to vent. Until the girlishness was not enough, and her lips briefly broke away from his. One of her fingers carries the silver thread brought out by the separation of their lips, smiling, tactful and seductive. Gu Qinglan felt that her heart seemed to be on her finger. If she wants to crush it, she will do it overnight. You and I were like that yesterday. You're not qualified to propose an engagement to me again. Said the maiden, drawing back and sitting on his lap, her little head against his chest. Kissed, kissed, touched. Brother Qinglan, do you really want to marry Yuehuai to someone else? Gu Qinglan did not speak for a moment, and there were only two shallow breaths left in the air. To be precise, the two breaths were not very clear, and both of them seemed to be restraining what had just been produced at that moment. The kind of indescribable. Desire | read.. Wu Zhen waited for him to open his mouth, she knew that she had pushed Gu Qinglan to a desperate situation, she also pushed herself to a desperate situation. She waited and waited and waited for a long time, but the man did not say a word. Wu Zhen's heart is cold. It seemed to be soaked in the bright moon and cooled thoroughly. The person beside her was obviously boiling hot, but she felt that she was leaning against an eternal iceberg, which was going to freeze her. She sobbed with cold, and the cold from the bottom of her heart seemed to freeze her tears. One hand.. Long and powerful, covered with calluses. This is the hand of Gu Qinglan who has been practicing sword for many years. Then the hand clasped her jaw gently and lifted her face, which was full of tears. When Gu Qinglan led the way, Rao was an old driver of Wu Zhen, and he could not imagine what he was doing at this moment. He gently, gently licked her tears, bit by bit, drop by drop. Wu Zhen opened his eyes wide, his cheeks itched, his hot air sprayed on her eyelids, and he wanted to cry again. She held back the cry, intoxicated in his emotions, and naturally did not see the blood-red light in Gu Qinglan's eyes, eerie, beautiful, and so dangerous. …… Big brother Gu Qinglan came back with three little ones, along with a big white dog that had been cut. When Chu Weizhi was cooking, Wu Zhen quietly tried the magic, so that the white dog demon God has always maintained a Pure Brightness of divine consciousness. It remained so awake until the last piece of his flesh under the Chuwei Piece. It's not that she's ruthless. It's just that what the White Dog Demon God did to the Iron Sword Sect was too vicious both in the first and second lives. What she did was just a drop in the bucket of this demon. At noon that day, everyone of the Iron Sword School ate hot dog meat hot pot, the meat was fresh and tender,smart interactive whiteboard, and the fragrance floated ten miles. Everyone was singing and laughing and rejoicing. A big mountain finally has the flavor of the New Year. After eating and drinking, Ji Shiru left the table and staggered on his way back to his room. He was so drunk that he wanted to propose a toast to the master's wife, but he saw that the master's wife was already surrounded by people.