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Good Death _ Infinite Fiction Network _ Good Death _ Infinite Fiction Network _ Good Death _ Infinite Fiction Network _ Good Death _ Infinite Fiction Network _

Lin Da's eyes flashed a ray of joy and said, "Yes, the challenger can't invite helpers, but the challenged can invite relatives and friends to help him within three days. The other party has obviously found out our background. In order to carry out more tasks, our mercenary regiment has kept the price of low-level tasks very low. For this reason, it has offended many mercenary regiments, except your evil mercenary regiment." I'm afraid no one will be willing to help us. However, with your participation, we will be able to pass smoothly and fight those who dare to challenge back home. Moon mark mercenary regiment members are very generous, but also do not have to do any dangerous tasks, he does not want to cut off their own way of making money, naturally hope that Dumb and others to help the moon mark mercenary regiment through some difficulties. Dumb nodded and said, "As long as you are allowed to help, it will be easy.". Come on, let's go into town. Under the leadership of Big Brother Lin, the six men entered the city of Varo. Although the city is small in size, it has a large population. The shops on both sides of the road are very prosperous. After passing through several wide streets, people came to the south of the city. Lin Da pointed to a large courtyard in front of him and said,interactive flat panel display, "This is our headquarters.". It is said that this was originally a rich merchant's mansion, but later it was sold because the whole family had to move. When the colonel bought this place, he spent more than two hundred thousand gold coins. Then, after fulfilling, he removed the decorative things and built all the houses except for the place where the martial arts field was set aside. Now, the headquarters can live with five thousand people. Dumb exclaimed: "This yard is really big, covering tens of thousands of square meters.". Brother Yuehen's management of the mercenary regiment must be very good. Lin Daodao: "The headquarters covers an area of nearly 100,digital interactive whiteboard,000 square meters. On the mainland, I'm afraid no mercenary regiment has such a complete headquarters except the Red Mercenary Regiment." As he spoke, they had arrived at the gate of the headquarters of the Moon Mark Mercenary Regiment, which was guarded by two mercenaries. As soon as they saw the Lin brothers, they smiled. "Well," said the mercenary on the left, "the job is done. Uh? Why did you bring so many people back? What do they do? In the past few days, when the Yuehen mercenary regiment was in danger, the guard was a little nervous when he saw that all of them were magicians. Lin Da hastened to explain, "They are all friends of the regimental commander, and they are here to see the regimental commander.". I heard that someone dared to challenge us to win, didn't he? The guard obviously had a good relationship with Lin Da, did not doubt his words at all, interactive panels for education ,86 smart board, and relaxed his tense body. Face grave tunnel: "Yes!"! The colonel is worrying about this matter. Now there is a lot of talk in the city, saying that the mercenary regiment is going to be replaced. Everyone is indifferent to our mercenary regiment. Many rich merchants in Varo who have given us tasks before are holding a wait-and-see attitude. It's really a heavy loss! Lin laughed and said, "Don't be afraid this time. With the help of these magician friends, those bastards who dare to challenge will surely end up disbanded.". All right, I won't talk to you. Let's go in first. After listening to Lin Da's words, the guard immediately looked at the four of them differently. He opened the door respectfully and bowed and bowed to let them in. There is only a small courtyard in the headquarters of the Yuehen mercenary regiment, with many houses on both sides, and the building density is very high. Lin Daodao: "The brothers should all be practicing in the martial arts field at this time, so there is no one in the front yard." The four of them followed Big Brother Lin through the two courtyards to the center of the headquarters of the Yuehen mercenary regiment. Big Lin pointed to a tall house not far in front of him and said, "The regimental commander should be there. That's the Council hall of our mercenary regiment.". Please wait a minute. I'll report it first. With that, he walked quickly. There are two mercenaries guarding the door of the Council chamber. Lin Da whispered a few words to them and went in. Dumb turned to Xuanyue and said, "I haven't seen you for four years. I don't know if Brother Yuehen still recognizes me." Xuanyue smiled and said, "It's been four years, but you're just a lot taller. Your silly appearance hasn't changed at all. How could he not recognize you?" Dumb said in astonishment, "How do you know I haven't changed? You haven't seen me four years ago.". "He looked at Xuanyue doubtfully and seemed to catch something in his heart.". Knowing that she had made a slip of the tongue, Xuanyue quickly covered up and said, "Haven't you ever seen me? I can't guess."? Besides, my sister also described you to me! She can't be wrong. "Dumb, it's really you!" Shouts of surprise rang out, the door of the Council chamber opened, and the moon mark of a silver light armor came out. Although his costume had not changed, he looked a little more vicissitudes than four years ago. He was already a little middle-aged. His thin body was much stronger. His face was filled with excitement. Staring at Dumb, his body trembled slightly, and he was obviously very excited. Dumb felt a rush of blood into his heart, and his whole body produced a trembling feeling. When he saw the moon mark again, his heart was constantly stirring. The moon mark in front of him was so kind that he finally shouted out: "Brother Moon Mark." Yuehen rushed to Dumb, grabbed him by the shoulder and said emotionally, "Brother, we haven't seen each other for many years.". Are you, have you been all right? Dumb nodded forcefully, grabbed Yuehen's shoulder with his backhand and said, "Elder brother, we haven't seen each other for almost four years.". Now your moonmark mercenary regiment has such a size. It's not easy! Yuehen's mood calmed down a little, but his face was still full of joy. For two days, he had been worried about the challenge of winning. At this time, when he saw Dumb, he seemed to have forgotten all his troubles. He said with a smile, "Isn't this thanks to you?"? Without those two best crystals, I would not be able to reach the present situation even if I tried my best. Ah! By the way, what about Yueyue? Where is she? Xuanyue was also very excited when she saw Yuehen, but she was also a little nervous. She clearly knew the wisdom of Yuehen and was afraid that he would recognize her true identity. When she heard him mention her, she quickly said: "Hello,75 inch smart board, Brother Yuehen, I am Xuanyue's brother Xuanri. Sister, she has been staying in the Vatican to practice magic with the Pope.". I've heard her mention you before. You're much more handsome than he described. It's a pleasure to meet you. 。