Immortals also have rivers and lakes

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Immortals also have rivers and lakesImmortals also have rivers and lakesImmortals also have rivers and lakes

Then look at the flowers of the four seas, but calm as a balance, standing straight, did not look back. He felt the insect's position with all his heart, felt that her position was far enough, and immediately calmed down and decided, his body rose into the air, the wild wind and the pale black magic gas wrapped him layer by layer, and his clothes and long hair flew. He concentrated all his magic power and magic spirit on his hands, penetrating the ice magic knife and splitting it fiercely! A ground-breaking knife! In the face of such a strong and fierce blow, even the great power formed by heaven and earth is also a shock. Hua Sihai felt the endless force of nature coming in a steady stream, but he was so determined that he would never take half a step back, urging the True Qi in his body to contend with it, and his whole body was covered by a kind of silver light shining with pearl luster, with a large black fog behind him. The silver dragon mixed with black silk, which only appeared when he used his true strength, jumped out of his chest again and danced wildly around him with Suo Linlong. There was a loud noise like a crack in the mountain, and a flash of brilliance appeared on the boundary of death, as if it had been cut in the middle by a sharp blade. His dragon appeared again. Insect opened his eyes wide and murmured, "It's really beautiful." "Hua Sihai is a character!" Know everything and admire it. In the past, although Hua Sihai was very famous, he was well-informed and thought it was just a false reputation. Today,interactive panel board, I believe that the man who shocked ten continents and three islands lived up to his reputation. If he is willing, the world can be trampled under his feet! There was a clicking sound, as if the door of the mountain home was slowly opening. Insect is standing behind the four seas of flowers, just in time to see a huge crack in the boundary of death, all kinds of light gushing out from the crack, left and right force, the crack to more than one person wide. At this time, the flower in the air fell down quickly, stood firm in the crevice,interactive boards for classrooms, held one end with his back, held the other end with his hands holding the ice magic knife, and shouted: "Go!" "Taoist Priest Bai, please." Sibelius did not panic at all and asked the Tianmen faction to go out first, keeping his demeanor at this time. Bai Chenxiang hesitated. If you go out in this way, it is tantamount to bowing your head through the armpit of Hua Sihai. Although this is not the humiliation of the crotch, it is also very humiliating. If it is spread out afterwards, where is the face of the Tianmen Sect and where is the dignity of the immortal way? "Time can't be delayed. Since the white Taoist is modest, let's go first." The voice did not fall, a can not tell whether it is before or after, also can not see the face of a shadow bent under the arms of the four seas of flowers, and then turn to the side of the Tianmen Sect. Bai Chenxiang paused, but without a word, the sky took the lead in going out. He took the lead, and the other people of the Tianmen Sect were much more relaxed. They took turns to file out with the people of the Demon Way. The wounded helped each other, smartboard for business ,touch screen whiteboard, and some of them carried the bodies of their fellow disciples on their backs. The fight in the tower, both sides lost a lot, although the same door has passed away, but no one has the heart to let their bones disappear. People, one by one, walk out of the boundary of death A restless hum. Hua Sihai was silent, and the silver light on his body wandered along both sides of the crack, as if he and the boundary of death had merged into one. Bug saw someone coming out of the boundary and ran back long ago. He saw Hua Sihai without saying a word. He was alone. The muscles on his arms were tangled and the veins were prominent. Although the silver dragon was missing, Suo Linlong was wrapped around his waist and seemed to be lending him strength. He, on the other hand, clenched his teeth and stared at the ice magic knife supporting the crack. The sweat on his forehead was dripping down, and the black hair on his temples was wet and stuck to his face. It was obviously very hard. Uncle West, help him. She hurried. The sky shook his head. "From the moment he split the boundary of death, his power melted into the power of heaven and earth. Outsiders could not help him, otherwise they would harm him.". Don't you see that the left and right leaders of the Demon Way don't help? Worm had already seen it, but his concern was confused. At the moment, he was awakened by a word. He hurriedly ran to the edge of the crack and looked into the boundary from the people who kept coming out. At a glance, he saw Bai Chenxiang and Sibelius standing in a row, as if they were waiting for everyone to go out before coming out. But she knew Master a little, and by looking at his face, she knew that he didn't want to come out, just because he didn't want to walk under the arms of Hua Sihai. Master, come out. She gave a cry. Because of the super strength of Hua Sihai, the number of casualties of the Tianmen Sect is more than that of the Demon Way. When all the people of the Tianmen Sect are gone, there are dozens of people in the Demon Way, and only Bai Chenxiang is still there. Sibelius did not speak, looking calm and waiting for Bai Chenxiang to make a decision. Watching the last person in the Demon Way also come out, Bai Chenxiang has not yet moved, putting on the momentum that he would rather die than be humiliated. But at this time, the flower four seas arm all shook, the corner of the mouth overflowed a trace of blood, a drop fell down, obviously the longer the time, the greater the harm to him. Looking at Bai Chenxiang's stubborn and resolute face, the insect became anxious and picked up a big stone and aimed it at his head: "Bai Chenxiang, you can't come out.". If I don't come out again, I'll end up with myself. If your disciples of the Eight Swords can't get together, a hundred years of hard work will be destroyed in a moment. I'll do what I say. If you don't believe me, you can try! Her face was fierce and she gnashed her teeth. Bai Chenxiang was so angry that she almost died on the spot. She didn't need to go out anymore. The villain called him by his name in front of so many outsiders, but he dared to threaten him, and the threat was really effective! If he does not go out, look at the girl's appearance must be able to do anything, if he goes out, how will others look at him? A headmaster actually let his disciples threaten him! He was not afraid of death, but he would never tolerate it if it destroyed his years of hard work and the hope of the Tianmen Sect. Brother Bai Dao, please go out. Sibelius gave Bai Chenxiang a timely push. "In order to save your master, your disciple did not hesitate to put himself in trouble. I really admire him.". And the Taoist priest doesn't come out. It seems that the people in the Demon Way come out continuously. Isn't it that we are trapped in injustice? Brother Bai Dao, please do it! Bai Chenxiang wanted to go out, but he couldn't save face, so he went down the slope and hurried out,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, followed by Sibelius. Chapter One Hundred of the Jianghu History of the Worm of Volume One, don't Die! Mobile e-book Update time: July 5, 2008 14:41:13 Words in this chapter: 2587.