Expedition War (including extra chapters) Author: Jin Bing

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Expedition War (including extra chapters) Author: Jin BingExpedition War (including extra chapters) Author: Jin BingExpedition War (including extra chapters) Author: Jin Bing

Yao An said, "I should also go to see them. Mr. Xu has such a good relationship with the building manager that he said he would go to see them at the beginning." Old colleague sighs: "You say this, I must be sad again." She read a few words and said, "If you want to come, just come tomorrow. The building manager will be on a business trip the day after tomorrow. He will go for three days. I'm afraid you'll have to forget it in a week." Yao An answered casually and chatted with the other party for a while before hanging up the phone. Colleagues came back after dinner and saw Yao An still in the R D room. They were surprised and said, "Why haven't you gone to dinner to lose weight?" Yao An smiled and said, "By the way, don't you want to go to the Provincial Academy of Procuratorial Sciences? I'll go for you. I'll just go to Nanjiang to do some private affairs." The colleague was eager to give the paper film to Yao An immediately. After work, Yao An told Jiang Na about the trip. Jiang Na thought about this week's arrangement and frowned: "I'll send you back on Friday. I can't leave these days." Maybe the building manager will come back from a business trip that day, which is not very convenient. Besides, if I go there on Friday, I can't get away. I can't escape eating and singing. They used to be crazy after work on Friday! Yao An knew that there were a lot of orders for juice tasting in recent days, and all the departments were very busy, not to mention that Jiang Na was holding two jobs, and he could not get away from both sides of the juice tasting and the freight company. She said with a smile, "I'll go by myself. I'll leave in the morning and come back in the evening." Jiang Na is not at ease, but Chen Li has already decided on the arrangements for the next few days. The county will hold activities, and all the major enterprises in the county are competing to participate. At that time, the city TV station will come to do an exclusive interview. Factories need to make full preparations these days,digital touch screen board, and some government departments are about to visit, so entertainment is also indispensable. At night, Jiang Na asked Chen Li for leave. Chen Li scolded him and did not give Jiang any face. Yao An saw Jiang Na blushing and wanted to get angry. He pulled him hurriedly. Jiang Na gave up. In the blink of an eye to Wednesday, Jiang Na had to recruit a man, let him send Yao An to Nanjiang. Yao An first went to the Provincial Academy of Inspection Sciences and handed the paper film to the staff of the sample collection room. As soon as the other party heard the name of the company, he laughed: "It's your unit again. Last time, this pet film was not qualified. How long has it been?" Yao An did not understand the situation before,electronic board for classroom, can only laugh, the other side continued to say: "Last time also sent out your boss, that temper is really bad, not qualified is not qualified, but also want to make trouble, the result is inexplicable and others quarreled at the door, but also shouted to kill!" Yao An was stunned for a while before he realized that the "boss" in his mouth was Chen Minfa. Yao An answered casually, and the man said, "Even a good partner can quarrel so much. Fortunately, he didn't come this time, otherwise we would have a headache again!" "Partner?" Asked Yao An in surprise. "Mmm." The other party lowered his head to sort out the form and said, "Isn't your company a partnership?"? Your boss insisted that the partner had tripped him up. He was beheaded and imprisoned. I almost called the police that day. We couldn't do anything on a hot day. Yao An frowned, not thinking of Chen Minfa and Liang Shenghua were both killed, smart board whiteboard ,75 smart board, the arm suddenly a cold, she gently rubbed. The other party handed her the form and pointed out several mistakes. Yao An filled it out again and asked involuntarily, "When did this happen?" The man thought for a moment. "Months ago, maybe August?"? The end of August! He sneered, "If you ask me, your boss looks really uneducated, not as good as that partner, young, very gentle, was scolded and did not talk back, your boss sang a big play alone!" The nib of the pen suddenly paused, and the black ink passed through the paper hole. Yao An looked up in a daze: "Young?" The other party drew up the form and said, "Yes, he is very young." When it was time for lunch break, he said a few more words to inform Yao An of the approximate time when the test results came out, and then left in a hurry with his colleagues. Yao An was shocked to stay in place and wanted to ask something more, but she swallowed the words again. After leaving the Provincial Inspection Academy, Yao An went to buy some fresh fruits and supplements. Huiyuanmei's old colleagues were very excited when they first saw Yao An. They said, "Why are you here today? Didn't you say you were going to see the building manager? The building manager just happened to be on a business trip!" Yao An patted his head and said with a smile, "I almost forgot. Today the factory asked me to go to the Provincial Academy of Inspection and Sciences. I just wanted to come and see you by the way." After a few words of reminiscence, everyone asked Yao An to go to the restaurant with them for dinner. Yao An quickly declined and said that he wanted to take some of Xu Ying's things from the building manager. "When Mr. Xu left the company, didn't he return a stack of materials to the building manager? I went to look through Mr. Xu's photos this time and found that some of them were missing. Maybe they were caught in them." Colleagues heard her mention Xu Ying, a moment of emotion: "We all know, do not know what to help." After chatting for a while, Yao An left the R D department with them, turned a corner and went to the marketing department with his old colleagues. Yao An and his colleagues in the marketing department were not familiar with each other, but they all looked familiar with each other. At the moment, they went to the restaurant for dinner in twos and threes. One of them said, "Unfortunately, you are here. Manager Lou is on a business trip today." "I heard about that," said Yao An with a smile. "I wanted to bring his wife some tonic." The old colleague interjected, "Hey, can I go into the manager's office?"? Xiao Yao wanted to look for Professor Xu's photo, which might have been in some information before, and gave it to the building manager together. A colleague in the marketing department also heard about Xu Ying's disappearance. It was hard to avoid sighing and feeling sad. When he opened the door of the manager's office, he said, "Just look for it. Everyone in our boss's office is always free to go in and out!" Yao An immediately thanked him and went into the office to rummage for a while. Seeing that his colleagues in the marketing department had also gone to the restaurant, he said, "You go to eat, too. I'll find it myself. There will be no food later!" Old colleague is not polite with her, see Yao An says so, she says: "Then you look for slowly, if happy,touch screen board classroom, come to dining room to look for us!" Yao An nodded, and when she was far away, she immediately turned on the computer to try the password. hsdsmartboard.com