Great Qin Empire 3 (1)

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Get on the dock-! Gongsun Xi shouted at the top of his voice, "All bow!"! Shoot me out of the dock!

King fighters have nest for more than half a month, the knights see the infantry siege to progress quickly, early Yin red cry out, for fear of Wei Jun not to come, no battle can not behead meritorious service. Now Wei Jun finally appeared, the knights of the Qin army had already held back enough strength to wait for work, fierce charge, unexpectedly overwhelming! In half a month, the king had already made careful preparations for the ambush area. Every tree in the withered woods of the gully had been painted with fierce fire oil more than ten times, and every hilltop had hidden a fireman. After the fighters of the Qin army charged to compress the Wei army into the big and small gullies, the fireman immediately threw torches, and in an instant, the fire burned fiercely in the gullies! Wei Jun fighters are cowhide armor, knights in the fire conflict, leather armor will be born into the fire, knights all over the fire, have dismounted to put out the fire in panic! As a result, the horse will leave the master panic rush, clip phase entanglement, was no longer able to form a charge. The Qin army was only guarding the main road of the mountain pass, intercepting and killing the fleeing knights. Jin Bi was old on the battlefield. As soon as he saw the fire,stainless steel edging strip, he knew it was not good. He immediately hissed and shouted, "Return to the south!"! To the beach! With a shout, the remaining rebels rushed to the open river beach in the southwest. The Qin army only pursued and killed for a while, then retreated back, only guarding the main road leading to Anyi. When the remnant soldiers of the Jin Dynasty entered the river beach and saw that the Qin army was not in hot pursuit, they scrambled to roll into the quagmire and puddle to put out the fire. After more than half an hour, the fire was extinguished,stainless steel edge trim, but everyone was covered with mud and water. They were so embarrassed that they could no longer fight. Jin Bi could not help but look up to the sky with tears in his eyes and sigh: "Heaven will destroy the Great Wei!"! What can the old man do? Thought over and over again, only ordered to return to the army immediately, at the same time Pegasus report to know the beam, please the king of Wei to send elite infantry north. GongSunXi is hobbled in the middle of the road. Due to the need to transfer fifty thousand fighters and delay for three days, until the wind arrived at the Aocang ferry, and it happened that more than a dozen ships carrying troops were all requisitioned by Aocang, only more than thirty small and medium-sized ships were left at the ferry. When Wu Qi was a general, he asked Wei Wuhou Seiko to build the big ship. Each ship could carry five hundred soldiers to cross the river. There were more than fifty ships, which were concentrated in Mengjin, Aocang and Baimajin. Law of the State of Wei: No military ship is allowed to be used by any official or merchant without the command of a general. If the soldiers in the ship, together with more than 30 medium and small ships, fifty thousand fighters even with horses, about half a day scene will cross the river. Now that the troopship is gone, it is clear that three days and three nights will not be able to pass fifty thousand troops. Pig's head! Tamping goods! GongSunXi cursed the trench Sima who had rushed to the ferry to prepare the ship. "You have the courage of a leopard. How dare you get rid of the ship? I will destroy you!" "General, look." With a mournful face, stainless steel tile edging ,stainless steel tile edge trim, he handed over an ancient bronze token. "Ao Cang Ling said that if he wanted to deliver winter mountain goods to the Daliang Palace, he could not delay. Every winter, he requisitioned military ships.". Ao Cang ordered the king to order the sword to be cut first and then reported, and the last general did not dare to disobey. With a loud noise, Gongsun Xi smashed the king's life card on the wharf stone and shouted, "***!"! Cross the river! The Aocang River section is the main waterway connecting the north and south of the Wei River. The current is smooth and the waterway is wide. More than 30 small and medium-sized boats are lined up with white sails, which is quite spectacular. But there were only a dozen or so people and horses standing in each boat, and it took four hours to cross two thousand people and horses, and the winter sun reached the top of the hill. With a livid face, Gongsun Xi shouted, "Light the torch!"! Night crossing! Moments later, the sunset glow fell, and the torches illuminated the Aocang Ferry. Rao is so, wait until the east white, also can can more than five thousand people in the past, also capsized five boats in the dark night. GongSunXi's voice was hoarse, but there was nothing he could do. Grind to the afternoon, the big soldier ship unexpectedly came back six, GongSunXi big is cheer up, immediately ordered people immediately big ship crossing. In the evening, seeing that there were already more than thirty thousand troops crossing the river, Gongsun Xi sternly ordered, "All the remaining troops will cross at night!"! Be sure to cross the river before dawn! The general who urged the night crossing gave the flag to the lieutenant, and he boarded the boat and crossed the river to reorganize the army. The dim light of night, the big boat to the river, suddenly saw the dark river north bank was the fire burst Zhang ShaSheng! All of a sudden, Gongsun Xi, who was standing at the bow of the boat, felt a deep chill all over his body. He hissed and roared, "Quick!"! Clipper! "Report to the general!" The leader of the oarsmen of the warship came quickly. "There is a big fire on the north shore dock!"! You can't go by boat! "Shit!"! Even the mountain of knives, lean on it for me! Gongsun Xi's eyes were almost bleeding. Hi! The leader gave a sharp cry, "slow down and steady the rudder!"! Get on the dock-! Gongsun Xi shouted at the top of his voice, "All bow!"! Shoot me out of the dock! At the moment when the knights opened their bows and arrows, there was a continuous scream in the boundless dark night. Strong crossbows and big arrows with whistling flames, like dense salamanders rushing down to the bow of the oars and canvas ship, where the nails were, there was a fierce fire! Wei Jun a round of long arrows have not finished shooting, the bow of the people and horses have fallen more than half, the entire ship also burned into a bright flame mountain! "Wolf Qin!"! I'll fight you-! There was a loud roar in the sea of fire, and a flame flew up from the bow of the ship more than twenty feet high and rushed to the rolling river. General "The general went ashore to kill the enemy!" "Jump!"! Spell it! The bow of the ship screamed in the sea of fire, and flames followed it down the river, and the dark river suddenly brightened up! As the flames rushed into the water, the rocket on the shore immediately followed, saw the soldiers with fire in the water screaming, but suddenly heard a few short horns on the shore, the rocket suddenly stopped! A rough voice flew straight out from the shore: "Gongsun Xi heard: this general Wang Ling,tile profile factory, your troops ashore one by one, I have all been killed!"! If you risk your life, the old Qin people will let you go ashore to collect the body and load it on a big ship to carry it back. 。