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No matter what Ning Que said, the old monk in White Bone Mountain no longer had any reaction. He exhausted his

No matter what Ning Que said, the old monk in White Bone Mountain no longer had any reaction. He exhausted his mind to come up with these seemingly philosophical words, all wasted in the dry air, unable to anger the other side, let alone let the other side because of these words and give birth to some loopholes in the mind. Ning Que was unable to put his head on the shoulder of Moshan Mountain and looked at the bluestones on the roof. He knew in his heart that after the old monk had completely digested and absorbed the flesh and blood full of the breath of Haotian Taoist, the realm would recover to a level that he could not touch. At that time, there was no way to change the end of the death well, and his eyes were a little dim. The light in the room of the Demon Temple is getting dimmer and dimmer, probably the world outside the mountain has entered the night, and the temperature is getting lower and lower. He looked up at the mottled sword marks on the stone walls of the roof, the sword marks left by the little martial uncle, the sword marks that formed a cage to keep the lotus alive for decades, and sighed softly in his heart. Just looking at it casually, he did not deliberately control his mind, probably because in the old days, he used the eight methods of Yongzi to interpret words into a habit, and those dense sword marks naturally separated in his field of vision and gradually became clear. Ning Que's eyes stayed on the sword marks for a long time, and his mind walked with the marks, gradually giving birth to a certain feeling, which was very obscure,eye cream packing tube, difficult to catch and difficult to distinguish, but his body warmed up. (Note: The thirty-two words used here to describe Liansheng 32 all come from the lyrics of a song, Dou Wei's advanced animal. In addition, I would like to explain that the main problem of the slow plot is the slow update. I write carefully enough. I lie still every afternoon and think about saving the manuscript. But this update is really a problem. I am thinking about how to solve it. Perhaps the outbreak, perhaps temporarily do not use the name, although it is really in the devil, please look forward to. Small. Say .t.xt. God . Don Volume II Winter Lake Chapter 85 Enchanted (10) The obscure feeling in his body did not attract Ning Que's too much attention. He even thought that the warmth came from the Moshan Mountain behind him. He just quietly looked at the mottled sword marks between the bluestones on the roof,plastic packing tube, thinking about the natural and unrestrained demeanor of the little uncle when he splashed his sword, thinking about his helplessness of waiting for death at this time, and felt a little ashamed and humiliated. (The first issue of the text is in the Reading Pavilion) Desperate waiting for death is a very sad thing. People in this situation are usually silent. At this time, Master Liansheng no longer speaks. Ning Que naturally has no interest in speaking. The room of the Demon Temple becomes dead and silent. Absolutely quiet environment, as Liansheng Yashi had previously recalled, lasted for a long time really terrible, no sound of wind, no sound of flowers and plants, Ning Que even faintly heard the sound of his lungs expanding and contracting, heard the sound of his hair rubbing, felt very magical, but felt terrible. If he had not been able to clearly feel the soft body of Moshan Mountain, perhaps he would have thought that he had reached the underworld. Mo Shanshan leaned weakly on his shoulder, haggard, pump tube ,empty cosmetic tubes, and asked, "Are we going to die?" After a moment's silence, Ning Que said, "It seems so." Mo Shanshan frowned slightly and said, "Why can't you comfort me?" Ning Que coughed twice in pain and laughed at himself and said, "If you can die happily, it's actually a comfort." Mo Shanshan understood what he meant by this sentence. Later, if he was killed directly by Master Liansheng, he would be happy. If he watched himself being eaten like Ye Hongyu, that would be the greatest fear in the world. With this in mind, the girl's beautiful cheeks suddenly became extremely pale, her long and sparse eyelashes trembled slightly, and her thin mouth tightly closed into a red line. After a long silence, she looked at Ning Que's eyebrows, which were deeply wrinkled into Sichuan characters because of her cough. Her voice trembled slightly and she said, "I said I liked your words in the royal court." Ning Que did not know why the bookworm would mention this matter at this time. After a slight daze, he said with a comforting smile, "I know my handwriting is good. If you want to see me go out and write thousands of words for you." Mo Shanshan smiled and said, "I also said I liked your big black horse." Ning Que was stupefied and said with a wry smile, "That naughty guy is really reluctant to give it away.". ,。“ Lou doesn't want a big black horse. "Mo Shanshan bit down gently and said softly as if he had made up his mind," I really like your handwriting and the big black horse, but I want to tell you something else. " "I like you." This confession directly turned Ning Que into a piece of wood. He looked at the haggard but still beautiful face close at hand, sniffed the faint girl's breath near his nose, and was silent for a long time, thinking about how to answer. It was the first time in his two lifetimes that he had been confessed by a different person. It was one of the most beautiful words he had ever heard in his two lifetimes. Although it was a pity that it was in the dark gate of the Demon Sect, at the moment when death was coming, it was still as beautiful as the sound of willow branches rubbing gently by the lake. The lake was the ink pool at the foot of Mogan Mountain? The young girl on her shoulder is a first-rate person in the world in terms of her love, appearance, and realm of spiritual practice. She is famous all over the world. I don't know how many young men secretly love her but feel ashamed and dare not speak out. In Ning Que's opinion, Mo Shanshan can't find any fault except that she is easily misunderstood as aloof and arrogant because of her bad eyes. In terms of clan family background or political background, the Tang Dynasty and the Great River Kingdom have been friends for generations, and the Master and His Majesty the Emperor will surely be happy to see it, which is naturally a good match. In terms of interests and hobbies, two people can be said to be like-minded, if really in the same place, in the future long night in addition to boudoir affairs can also splash ink side by side to blame each other, not wonderful? The most important thing is like it? Of course, like, men like sometimes very complex, but most of the time is very simple, like Mo Shan Shan so worthy of like women, of course should be liked, Ning Que is the same. Just watching will die in the gate of the Demon Sect, and thinking about so many things for so long,plastic packaging tube, when he woke up, he could hardly help laughing, but he always felt something was wrong in his heart.