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Allied Forces retreat in the face of difficulties. The Treaty of Nanking was changed to the Tokyo Treaty Date, and then cede Hokkaido to us.

If you can't overcome the barrier before the degree certificate, the degree certificate will always be out of reach, at least for the students in our school. This. The CET-4 certificate is linked to the degree certificate, and the blood donation is also linked to the degree certificate. If things go on like this, maybe one day you will find that even the registered permanent residence will be linked to a degree certificate. Policy non-local students and dogs are not allowed to obtain degree certificates and so on. Therefore, the CET-4 certificate, graduation certificate and degree certificate are absolutely the three big mountains that oppress us, and so far there is no possibility of overthrowing them, and no one. Rise up, climb up and raise our arms, we have no choice but to accept their oppression and poison. The CET-4 and CET-6 examinations are imminent. Except for freshmen, basically all the people are soldiers. There are banners and CET-4 and CET-6 examinations everywhere in the school announcing the coming of CET-4 or CET-6. Before the surprise lecture posters, even the canteen inside the uncle selling breakfast are eager to come to a sentence: "MayIhelpyou?"! " What is more exaggerated is that once Xi Fei saw me again. When he went to the toilet, this time instead of asking "have you eaten", he opened his mouth and said "eaten?" I touched my head for a long time, but I didn't react. All in all, everywhere. There is an atmosphere of coming rain. Although the entire school has been swept into the level 4 storm, but "despite the wind and rain, I stand still" there are many people, I and Chen Siming. Su Ye's big mouth and Lao Liu are among them. I don't know what other people think, but as far as I am concerned, I don't care about CET-4, although my English is poor. Ping is not worth mentioning now, but I'm not worried at all. I was born with a strong and almost blind self-confidence in front of anyone or anything. I am always confident, even if this confidence seems unreasonable and ridiculous in the eyes of others. Although excessive self-confidence is not good, I think excessive self-confidence is better than inferiority. Because of this confidence, I have suffered a lot, but it has never been. Has weakened, has been accompanying me around. My eldest brother once criticized me, saying that I was overconfident and blindly optimistic. I not only did not care, but I was elated. Although I think CET-4 is an easy job for me,endless swim pool, Chen Chen does not think so, pulling me to the study room every day to supervise me to do simulation questions. And limit the time, everything according to the formal examination, make me miserable. At the beginning, I was very resistant to this, always looking for reasons to shirk, the result was Chen Chen 11. Dissolve. Later, I had to use my trump card. I told her that I had to practice listening in front of the computer in the dormitory. Chen Chen asked me how to practice. I said I would watch American TV series or European and American blockbusters. I did get away with it for a day or two, but Chen Chen quickly found a way to deal with it. She filled her iPod with original movies and CET-4 listening, and then sat down. Watching and listening, I was soon overwhelmed and defeated. In fact, I watch these movies with Chinese subtitles, otherwise I only watch them with English subtitles. A smattering of knowledge can only understand short dialogues or phrases, and half of this smattering depends on guessing. If there are no subtitles, watch the whole film. I can only remember what the actors look like, not to mention the plot, endless swimming pool ,Whirlpool bathtub, except for pornography. Two days ago, I bought a set of pirated discs of "24 Hours Against Terrorism" without subtitles from a peddler at the school gate, and I watched them with great interest. After one episode, I sadly found that I didn't understand a word except the names of the people inside, so I quickly popped up the CD-ROM drive, took out the CD, and ran back to the small one. Vendors there, for a set of European and American porn without code back, and quickly spread throughout the male dormitory, people in the pleasure of the body and mind also do not forget to publicize. Say: "Practice listening.". ” Although watching so many films, every day is immersed in English and high nose, blue eyes and yellow hair, but my English has not improved at all, in Chen. When Chen asked me what I had learned from it, I found that besides appreciating the decadent life of capitalism, I had only learned two sentences, one was "son of bitch", the other was "son of bitch". The other was "Pleasedon'tkillme", "and I said it with an accent as pure as that of a native American, or even a native American. The degree of benefit is even worse, often following the characters in the film at the same time, and are subconsciously blurted out, for this reason, I also use the context of these two sentences. A deeper understanding. After hearing this, Chen Chen was stunned, then began to laugh, and then asked me to learn these two sentences. I nodded yes and told her not to underestimate these two sentences. Words. In my opinion, these two sentences are really very useful. First of all, they can ensure that I will not be insulted by foreign devils with a smile that I know nothing about. Carry out a rapid and even fierce counterattack, do not fall behind, and maintain the divine power of the Celestial Kingdom. If Li Hongzhang could have said this in those days, he would be as mellow and fluent as I am. If he could blurt out his words without thinking when threatened, he would surely defeat the enemy without fighting and make the Eight-Power Allied Forces retreat in the face of difficulties. The Treaty of Nanking was changed to the Tokyo Treaty Date, and then cede Hokkaido to us. The second sentence can guarantee that I will not be hurt when the foreign devils are angry and unable to speak because of my first sentence. According to the Geneva Convention When I blurted out this sentence, I would be regarded as surrender, and according to the Geneva Prisoner of War Regulations, I would be protected, even if the foreign devils did not agree with me. The enemy of the day, can not touch me, but also have to eat and drink to serve me, so as not to be denounced by international public opinion, the power of public opinion these days can not say, force you. Jumping into the river is a small case. Therefore, to learn English, we must also have a choice of learning, for the dross of capitalism, we must resolutely abandon, only learn those useful, such as I learned this. Two words, is simply omnipotent, learned these two words,whirlpool bathtub, go all over the world are not afraid, have something to use the first greeting, the situation is not good to use the second sentence. No one can do anything to you.