Hades wife you are too bad & Hades wife love

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Hades wife you are too bad & Hades wife love & fall in love with underworld little wife. End .by Old Black Mud

When Qin Jing threatened the three elders of Tianshi Dao, he said that a Tianjue Dan could make you move a large number of doors, which shows its precious value. Can The old guy didn't hesitate at all. His eyes were shining brightly. He said affirmatively, "It's very simple for me to refine Wenxin Dan.". Tianjue Dan is a little difficult, but it's just a waste of time. I have refined elixirs that are several grades higher than Tianjue Dan. As long as the materials are complete, there is absolutely no problem. However Speaking of this, the old man smiled shyly and said, "But the old slave has just woken up now. After so many years of sleeping, the spirit body has been extremely weak, and the absolute tripod is broken.." If it can be repaired, the old slave's spirit body can be restored to the peak state, and the ancient elixir can be refined out, absolutely not bragging! I don't know if he's bragging or not, but I know the old man is definitely not simple! First say their own importance, and then say these, its purpose is to let me help him restore the strength of the spirit body! Although he is now trapped in the Lanling Pavilion, suppressed by the power of the Lanling Pavilion. However,hot tub spa manufacturers, when he recovers his strength, who knows if he will break through the Lanling Pavilion. That's not what I want to see.   ; So …… Like lightning, I pointed at the old man's forehead, and the surging power of the soul poured out and poured into his eyebrows. There was a strange light in the old man's eyes, and I clearly felt a strong soul idea pouring out of his mind, trying to resist the power of my soul. However,5 person hot tub, in an instant, the powerful mind of the soul went back. The old man's face showed a wry smile, as if he had accepted his fate and not resisted. He also knew that if he resisted forcibly, I would probably suppress him on the spot and destroy his soul directly. Ignoring his depressed mood, the power of my soul poured into his mind and left a mark directly in his mind. This mark is taught to me by Lan Luan, a method of soul restriction with strong binding force. Simply speaking, it is a compulsory contract between master and servant. The soul mark left in his mind contains a trace of ancient vicissitudes of thought, once he has any idea of resistance, I can make his life worse than death. After doing all this, I withdrew my fingers, breathed a sigh of relief, and said softly: "We are not fools, outdoor endless pool ,4 person jacuzzi, so that I can completely reassure you!" The old man nodded gently and looked at me. His eyes were a little complicated. He said with a wry smile, "Are you a disciple of this generation of Jiuyan Palace?" Hearing this, I was stunned and looked at him with some surprise. He actually knew that this was the means of Jiuyan Palace! Just a furnace spirit, how can know such means? "The old slave once followed the previous old director, and was a close friend of a certain generation of palace masters of the Jiuyan Palace!" Perhaps guessing the doubts in my mind, he explained, "The old slave knows something about the Jiuyan Palace." I nodded gently and asked, "What happened to the terrible momentum you broke out before?" That kind of momentum is really too terrible, if not for the strength of my soul is strong enough, simply can not detect the problem. If this old guy had the same strength as that momentum, I would be kneeling here now! Hearing my question, the old man smiled bitterly and said, "This is the momentum of my last old master. I just simulated a few points. It's pure bluffing!" "You really don't have a name?" I continued to ask. In fact, I wanted to ask him whether he was the spirit of the furnace or the soul of a strong man, because I felt that the old man seemed to be hiding something and knew a little more. "The last old master gave me a name, Xianyun!" The old man sighed lightly and seemed to have some sighs. He said faintly, "He wants to be an idle cloud and wild crane, but nine out of ten things in the world are not satisfactory, and he can't be carefree in the end.." I'm too lazy to listen to what he said, mainly because I can't tell whether he made it up or not! I want to know now, how can I repair that tripod! If I can really repair the tripod and refine those high-level elixirs, I will be able to enter the realm of the master of Dandao in an instant. Walking in Zhongzhou under the name of Dandao Master, who dares not to give face, doing things will save a lot of trouble. The most important thing is that I am now stuck in the bottleneck of the second peak, and I want to break through quickly. Only when the strength is strengthened can the confidence in the heart be stronger. Whether it is Tianshi Dao or the one behind Tang Ling, it is a huge existence for me. My current strength is outstanding among my peers, but in front of those really big people, it's still a little bit not enough to see. When I asked how to repair the tripod and how to restore his spirit body to its peak state, the old man's eyes shone. Contain the evil spirit of the treasure, the more the better, the stronger the better quality! He responded with some excitement. Chapter two hundred and four ten thousand demon valley? I was stumped by his request! Contain the evil spirit of the treasure, here I really do not know where to get! "Can't something like Lingshi replace it?" I asked, frowning slightly. Shaking his head with a wry smile, he said, "The tripod is a little special. After all, it was once made by a great demon. It contains his essence and blood. It must be a treasure containing evil spirit to stimulate his spirituality and make him repair himself.." The awakening of the idle cloud is also due to the stimulation of many treasures containing evil spirits in Lanling Pavilion, otherwise he is still sleeping! No wonder he didn't move the best spirit stone I put here, otherwise I would have to cry to death! It seems that I have to go to Tianji Hall again to ask where I can get the treasure containing evil spirit. By the way, I will see if I can get back the best Lingshi. After all,endless swimming pool, I have found Tang Ling. These best Lingshi flowers are really wronged. I glanced at the dozens of treasures left in the attic, and my face ached and my heart bled. All right, you swallow these things first! 。 monalisa.com