Nine-Year-Old Demon Queen (Finale)

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Congratulations, general. Congratulations, young lady. Your house is really a double happiness this time. "

"Grandfather Xu, please sit down." "Leng Peiyuan beckoned him to sit down and called the servant for tea." General Leng, don't mention it. Xu Mao stood up and said lightly, "Our family is here today to read the imperial edict. I don't know if Miss San is here. Please ask her to come out and receive the imperial edict." Last time I knew that the second daughter of the Leng family had extraordinary momentum and extraordinary thoughts. But he never expected that the girl would become the youngest queen in the history of Tianyao Dynasty. When the emperor announced in the court that day that he would set up Leng Wanwan as the queen, he was also shocked. The opposition of all the ministers was like a wave, but they still couldn't dissuade the emperor. Later, the empress Dowager was alarmed to persuade the emperor in person, but the emperor still insisted on making a nine-year-old girl queen. In the end, the empress Dowager was persuaded by the emperor and agreed to establish the queen who had nothing before. He could not forget the grey expressions of the ministers when they saw the empress Dowager agree. It was a classic. "Father-in-law, wait a moment. I'll send someone to find Wanwan." Leng Peiyuan walked out of the hall and ordered his servant to find his daughter. Moments later, Leng Wanwan walked into the hall. She was accompanied by the cold moon. Leng Wanwan, dressed in a blue dress, looks like a picture. The expression is light, like a porcelain doll card. The cold moon was half higher than the cold bend, dressed in a white skirt, and the skirt fell to the ground. The waist is tied with a pink ribbon, and the light makeup is appropriate, but it is more and more clear. Two people, one high and one low, are not abrupt. Dad,american hot tub, Grandfather Xu. "Leng Yueerlian stepped forward lightly and blessed Leng Pei yuan and Xu Maofu." Young lady. Xu Mao nodded and was quite satisfied with the present cold moon. Remembering that she used to be very flamboyant, I didn't expect that now she has a somewhat pitiful and weak temperament. Wanwan, I haven't seen Grandfather Xu yet. Leng Pei yuanjian Leng Wanwan is still a cold and arrogant look, some headache. In the future, although she was a queen in the palace, there were many disputes in the harem. Xu Mao is also the manager of the two Dynasties, if he helps to take care of, the trouble of Wanwan is naturally much less. Although Leng Wanwan did not like that set of literary rules,jacuzzi manufacturers, he could not bear to brush Leng Pei yuan's mind. He is also good for himself, although he may not need it. "She trotted up to them and, like the cold moon, turned to Xu Maofu." I've seen Grandfather Xu. Perhaps the person is really cheap enough, the last time Leng Wanwan ignored him, he did not feel anything. He was surprised by her worship now. He hurriedly way: "Don't be too polite." She will be the queen of Tianyao and his master. How dare you let her salute you? Forget it. She still kept her superior appearance, but she was more accustomed to it. Now that everyone has arrived, our family will read the imperial edict. Xu Mao said, showing the imperial edict with both hands. The golden brocade is shining with brilliant light, and the circling dragon is proud. Leng Peiyuan and Leng Yueer knelt down, but Leng Wanwan was still standing. Anyway, she stands about the same height as they kneel. Fengtian Chengyun, the emperor's imperial edict. Here is Leng Wanwan, the second daughter of Lengfu. She is extremely clever, endless swim spa ,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, exquisite in seven orifices, beautiful and intelligent, and can be regarded as the first show of women. She was granted the title of empress and lived in Fengyi Palace. Thank you for this. "Long live the emperor, long live the emperor." Leng Peiyuan and Leng Yueer bowed their heads and shouted in unison. Cold curved mouth curled, that man can really break. In the eyes of others, she is a little girl with exquisite, beautiful and intelligent. I'm afraid that the content of this imperial edict will only become a laughing stock if it is known by others. Empress, accept the decree. The corners of Xu Mao's mouth were pumping, and the expression of the empress's disdain was too obvious. This palace receives the decree. Leng Wanwan took the imperial edict with both hands, and even she felt uncomfortable in the palace. Fortunately, the queen's power is quite useful. The boss of the harem, the three palaces and six courtyards are all her territory in the future. Congratulations to the empress, the general and the young lady. Xu Mao smiled and congratulated Leng Pei yuan and others. My father-in-law is polite. Leng Pei yuan smiled far-fetched, if possible. He didn't want to wander into the palace, nor did he want to be a prince. Leng Yueer smiled, although she became queen to her sister who was only nine years old. At first, I was very surprised, but after the surprise, it was all right. With the ability of the third sister, I believe that even being a queen is a simple thing. Yes, there is also an imperial edict. Xu Mao took another imperial edict from the little eunuch beside him and said. Leng Peiyuan and Leng Yueer looked at each other, what else is the purpose? Cold curved eyes Pure Brightness, I think this imperial edict is related to the cold moon. Since he agreed to stay with him, he naturally had to fulfill his promise. Another person who married Princess Yeliao, let Leng Yueer and Su Zhan's lover finally get married. Fengtian Shengyun, the emperor's letter. Leng Fu's eldest daughter, Leng Yue'er, has a heart of orchid, and ice and snow are smart. He and Su Zhanshi, the second son of the Minister of the Ministry of Personnel, were the golden couple and a match made in heaven. Give two people to get married at the end of the year, Qin this. "Long live the emperor." Leng Peiyuan and Leng Yueer bowed down again, but this time Leng Peiyuan was happy. The marriage of the eldest daughter was settled, and a wish ended. The cold moon and the rosy clouds are flying on the cheeks, and they are very shy. I thought happiness flew away with wings, but I didn't expect it to fly back. The emperor actually married her to Zhan, and her heart was beating. Bubbles of joy kept coming out of my heart, and tears filled my eyes, but they were tears of joy. Congratulations, general. Congratulations, young lady. Your house is really a double happiness this time. "Thank you, father-in-law." Leng Peiyuan smiled and ordered the housekeeper to distribute the silver to the bodyguards and eunuchs to share the joy. Xu Mao, on the other hand, presented a rare jade lion. The jade was crystal clear, and Xu Mao couldn't put it down. Then our family won't bother you. Our family has to go to Su Fu to announce the decree. Xu Mao took the jade lion carefully into his arms and took his leave. Father-in-law walk slowly. Leng Peiyuan and others sent him out of the house. Thank you, Third Sister. Leng Yueer knew that the emperor would marry her because of Wanwan. Her eyes were slightly red and she was moved to look at Leng Wanwan. She will always remember this feeling. It is Wanwan's magnanimity to forgive her for the wrong things she has done,jacuzzi swim spa, and it is also her own happiness in exchange for her happiness. As soon as the imperial edict came out, she thought it was Wanwan who used to be the queen to exchange her marriage with the emperor. Don't think too much. I just mentioned it to him. Leng Wanwan could not see through the thoughts of the cold moon, and her face was curled. It's too disgusting not to look at her tearful appearance.