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Si Ye seems to have made a lot of movies these days, and every one of them is either a science fiction movie or a disaster movie.

It was the first time she had come to the so-called wormhole, which connected every space-time plane, and even when she saw some space-time, she had a sense of deja vu. In other words, she felt that it was like a chaotic space, but there was no system. [Who says there is no system!] ?! You mean I'm back? [No! Does the host want to return to the original plane? Yes. [Then the host's experience will be affected. As mentioned before, this is a very risky behavior. The experience will be reduced by half. Is the host sure to do this?] Chapter 3179 boss, I will protect you (71). To tell the truth, this time Luo Qingchen really seriously thought about the pros and cons of the relationship. Although she had less than three seconds to think, she finally decided to go back. If the bad guy is not completely solved, what is the point of her coming to this plane? Moreover, she is still very relieved not to land zero night. He Jingxuan has a handle on them, and he will not let Lu Lingye have a good time in the entertainment circle. Even, he won't let him get a foothold in the entertainment industry at all. If she doesn't protect him, what's the difference between her and the original owner? [Host determined?] Confirm. [Since the computation time in the wormhole is different from the computation time in the plane, it will be three years before the host reaches the plane space again. Does the host understand?] Nani!? Three years later? The system knows that the host wants to go! Then sit tight and hold!] The next second,endless pool factory, a powerful force surrounded her tightly, only to hear a violent wind, she lost consciousness. To be reasonable, sometimes their family system is really not cute! It's probably been together for a long time, and although it keeps repeating risks, it knows its character too well. Whatever it takes,outdoor whirlpool, she has to go back. - When I opened my eyes again, the air was filled with the peculiar smell of the hospital. Luo Qingchen blinked, blinked again, and felt some pain in his skull. Miss, are you awake? The nurse came over and looked at her and said, "Do you feel any discomfort?" "Well, it's all right." Luo Qingchen rubbed the sun and said, "What's the date today?" The nurse was stupefied for a moment and said, "December 3rd." "Is it 3056?" "Yes." …… Luo Qingchen originally complained about a trace of luck in the heart, in case the time to come back is normal. Unfortunately, after all, jacuzzi suppliers ,Chinese spa manufacturer, as the system says, three years have passed in this time and space. Three years can change a lot of things. Lu Lingye will not be bullied by He Jingxuan, will not be framed by Li Xiaoyou, will not fall into the whirlpool of public opinion as before, but no one helped him. Knowing what had happened in the past three years, she felt that she should go home first. Although three years have passed in a city, the appearance of the city has not changed much. The villa is still in the most lively place, but the people living in it are no longer the Luo family. At the moment when Luo Qingchen knocked at the door, a man who looked like a housekeeper came out and looked at her and asked, "Is the young lady here to visit?"? Do you have an appointment? Luo Qingchen frowned and said, "Excuse me, is the owner of this villa still Mr. Luo Xiong?" "Are you looking for Mr. Luo Xiong?" About hearing the name of Luo Xiong, the seemingly housekeeper's tone was obviously much better, and even used honorifics: "This villa was sold to our master by Mr. Luo Xiong three years ago, you.." I'm afraid it's really a little late. She knew it was a little late, but it was out of her control! "I know." Luo Qingchen nodded and said, "Do you know where their family moved?" "I don't know." The housekeeper smiled and said, "Excuse me." "It's okay." Suddenly, Luo Qingchen felt that his departure had not only caused harm to Lu Lingye, but also to his parents, who were already in the middle of the year. Because if it wasn't really sad, her dad wouldn't have sold the villa. The city is so big, where should she find them? Chapter 3180 boss, I'll protect you (72). Just when she felt a little confused, her eyes caught sight of the four shining characters across the street-Salted Fish Internet Cafe. Instead of asking people aimlessly, it is better to check the situation of Lu Lingye on the Internet in the past three years. Besides, Luo Qingmu has also entered the entertainment industry, and he should also have a dynamic. But when she wrote down the three words'Lu Lingye 'in the search engine, what appeared was a corrected entry. 'Do You want to search for Si Ye? ' Si Ye? Why in the search engine will appear Si night these two words, is he Jingxuan has Lu night and Luo family has special powers to the public, so Luo father had to sell the villa, so Lu night became Si night? Luo Qingchen frowned and gently slid the mouse wheel. Si Ye seems to have made a lot of movies these days, and every one of them is either a science fiction movie or a disaster movie. Could it be that things were different from what she had imagined? According to the results given in the search engine, Lu Lingye should still be active in the public's vision. And, very red. Because now he has ranked first in the popularity list of first-line male stars, and won the title of the best actor. What happened in the past three years? Why did Lu Lingye become Si Ye. What about He Jingxuan? If He Jingxuan is also in the entertainment circle, according to his temper,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, how can he watch Lu Lingye climb to such a high position. How could he not have set him up? Luo Qingchen was too lazy to guess and directly typed the three words'He Jingxuan 'in the search engine. But the entry that came out startled her. [Well-known actor He Jingxuan died in an accident in December 3053. Police ruled out homicide.] He Jingxuan died mysteriously, as if his whole body was frozen by ice, and his body was struck by lightning in many places. The place where actor He Jingxuan died three years ago was empty except for a charred USB flash drive. …… He Jingxuan is dead.