Legend of Sword God

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Jiang Tong smiled sullenly and said, "The old man has lived in seclusion in the Western Regions for decades.

Yes, it's a banana leaf, but guess again, what am I doing with a banana leaf? And there's more than one. "More than one." What's the use of banana leaves? Can you make person skin feel some more cool? He muttered a guess to himself. At this moment, he had thought of Zhu Ling's body being burned by the fire, so he went to find a banana leaf to stick on his skin, so that he felt a little cooler. "Oh, Brother Shi is really something," said Zhu Ling. Shi Xuanzhong was shocked and said, "But did I guess right?" "Not to mention that," said Zhu Ling, "the most commendable thing is your imagination." "Don't keep me in suspense, Sister Ling," said Shi Xuanzhong in a pleading tone. "Tell me what these banana leaves are for." Zhu Ling removed the banana leaf and kissed him again. "I'll cover my body with it," she said softly. "Really?" Said Shi Xuanzhong. "Don't make a fuss, Brother Shi," said Zhu Ling? Now I want to ask you what to do? Shi Xuanzhong sighed and said, "There's nothing we can do about it." The meaning of the words refers to the fire wound on her body. "Of course," said Zhu Ling, "if you can find me clothes." Shi Xuanzhong lost his voice again: "What did you say?" Zhu Ling gave him a white look and said, "I said clothes." "Where are your clothes?" It's on fire, don't you know? The ape elder refused to come over and walked away with a deliberate tease. "It doesn't matter." Shi Xuanzhong's voice was a little nervous: "I have been afraid that you will be burned by fire, but will you be burned?" "Of course," said Zhu Ling. She paused and heard Shi Xuanzhong sighing. "But it doesn't matter," she said hurriedly. "I only hurt two or three places as big as my fingers." Shi Xuanzhong secretly called out to God and hurriedly said, "Why didn't you say so earlier?". Ah, it's my fault for not asking earlier. Zhu Ling did not know that he had been so anxious, but also teased: "Brother Shi, you seem to be a little fascinated.". Could it be that you inadvertently used the supreme swordsmanship that you had been thinking about day and night to become so? "Don't make fun of me, Sister Ling,potassium sulphate fertilizer," said Shi Xuanzhong. "I'm really dizzy. Now let's go and find the ape elder." "The problem of my clothes hasn't been solved yet," said Zhu Ling. "You see," said Shi Xuanzhong, "I'm so confused. You wait here for a while. I'll go to the other side of the mountain stream to get our bundle back. I'll be back in a minute. "No, no," cried Zhu Ling. "I'll go with you. From now on, I won't leave you alone." Shi Xuanzhong said with a smile, "Sister Ling is worrying too much. Is it such a coincidence?" He paused for a moment and said: "But you'd better come with me.". To tell you the truth, when I am with you, my heart belongs to you, and my eyes and ears are much worse than usual. Just now I seemed to be aware of a strange noise, and it seemed that there was a master sneaking aside, but maybe I was suspicious of the dark ghost, but anyway, we'd better not separate. Bai Feng and Zhu Ling turned pale at the smell of the tiger and said, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, "Brother Shi, is there really any strange noise?" There was a hint of uneasiness in his voice. "Whether there is or not," said Shi Xuanzhong, "it will be all right if we go together. I have no intention of returning this Taibai Sword from the Bell Tower. You can take it." At that moment, the two of them performed their flying skills and went straight out of the temple. Zhu Ling covered her naked body with two banana leaves, and the autumn wind at night made her skin cold. In a short time, they had crossed the bamboo forest, jumped over the mountain stream, drilled out of the maple forest, and reached the slope where they had rested earlier. Zhu Ling hurriedly took her clothes and put them on. Shi Xuanzhong looked around and said, "It's not far from Biji Mountain. I wonder if there are people from the Xuanyin Sect lurking on the mountain." "Not before," said Zhu Ling, "but I've been away for a long time. Over the past few years, the Xuanming religion has expanded very rapidly, but maybe it will." "We're not afraid of an open gun," said Shi Xuanzhong. "I'm afraid it's hard to guard against a hidden arrow. Hey, who came over the stream from the Buddhist temple?" By this time Zhu Ling had put on her clothes and looked at the other side of the mountain stream. A dark shadow came out of the forest and did not hide its figure. "Maybe it's the ape elder?" He guessed? The old man is tired of waiting! Shi Xuanzhong shook his head and said, "No, it's a clear old man with a stern face. He doesn't look as good as the ape elder.". ” The figure came so quickly that it was in front of the quilt in a twinkling of an eye. Shi Xuanzhong and Zhu Ling gazed calmly at the old man who suddenly appeared, and if he had not come from Hanshan Temple, they would not have been secretly wary. After the old man with a stern face stopped, he arched his hand and said, "Old Jiang Tong, I've heard so much about Master Shi.". Today, I have the chance to see the heroic bearing in this barren mountain, which is really the luck of my life. This peerless beautiful girl must be a world-famous girl named Bai Feng and Zhu Ling. The twenty-eighth chapter seeks the secret book mountain deep knight-errant fan. Shi Xuanzhong has never heard of the name of Jiang Tong, but judging from his strange and swift posture, Jiang Tong can clearly be included in the forest of martial arts masters. So there are some doubts in my heart. Nevertheless the family says politely, it is inconvenient to interrogate immediately, then smile: "The word of Jiang teacher fallacy award, Shi Mou is ashamed not to deserve.". This is Bai Feng and Zhu Ling. But Zhu Ling was not polite and asked, "Teacher Jiang, which faction are you from?"? Why did it suddenly appear in the temple? Jiang Tong smiled sullenly and said, "The old man has lived in seclusion in the Western Regions for decades. He has never walked in the Middle Earth in his life. No wonder you two are confused." Shi Xuanzhong hurriedly covered up and said, "Shi knew that Miss Ling must be very good at martial arts for Teacher Jiang, so he was curious to ask.". Shi Mou also has this heart, but dare not take the liberty to speak. Jiang Tong nodded his head and said, "Thanks to you two who think highly of Jiang, you should have told me immediately.". But when the old man came, he was under strict orders not to reveal his origin. If the two swordsmen are interested in this, why not go with the old man? Just five miles away, you can meet the head of our school. Bai Feng and Zhu Ling murmured, "Jiang Tong of the Western Regions.." The Western Regions.. There is a slight realization in my heart. Shi Xuanzhong thought to himself that Elder Ape was still waiting in the temple and could not leave. He declined, saying, "The head of your school must be a master of a generation. It's a pity that Shi and others have something to do and can't go with Teacher Jiang to pay their respects.". If there is fate, we will meet again in the future. "In that case," said Jiang Tong, "the old man can't insist on an invitation. Fortunately,Magnesium Oxide powder, since our Headmaster has come to the Middle Earth, we still have some time to stay, and it is not expected that we can meet again. The old man said goodbye now. 。 stargrace-magnesite.com