Be Reborn as the Queen

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Hearing that the queen's condition was getting worse last night, the imperial physician hurried to the Changqiu Palace.

Hearing that the queen's condition was getting worse last night, the imperial physician hurried to the Changqiu Palace. The man who could eat and sleep every day could not understand how the queen was suffering, but it was not difficult to guess by looking at her bloodless face and increasingly loose clothes. The doctor had a bold idea in his heart, but he dared not say, so he could only pin his hopes on Deng Chan. Doctor, do you think this can be taken by the empress? Qing Ran took out an old ginseng. Tu Taiyi looked at it carefully. The thread of this ginseng was fine, the leather was smooth, and the fragrance was slightly emitted. The shape was more than eight taels. As the saying goes, seven taels are the treasure of ginseng and eight taels, which is a rare treasure. Although the thing is good, but the empress is afraid now empty not to be filled, "the girl takes a little beard first to the empress to decoct soup to use, must not be too much, this medicinal property is too fierce." Qing Ran nodded, "I just didn't dare to use it indiscriminately for the empress, so I used it specially to consult the imperial physician." She carefully wrapped the ginseng and took it to the kitchen to boil. It took her a long time to come back. Guo Shengtong frowned at the smell. Where did this come from? Why didn't I know there was such a thing in Changqiu Palace? "It was sent to the palace by Mrs. Wu Qiang Hou.". When she heard that the empress was ill, she changed it so that she dared not disturb the empress, so she handed it to the maidservant. The maidservant felt that the empress might need it, so she decided to accept it. "Zhou Shi?"? She has a heart. Guo Shengtong sighed slightly,tube lip gloss, "it's just that the palace is strictly forbidden. How did she pass things over?" "How can the empress forget that the Marquis of Wuqiang has now been transferred to the guard of the Forbidden City? How can such a little thing not be done?" Guo Shengtong smiled awkwardly, and she really forgot. Wang Liang this position or she recommended with Liu Xiu, at that time said to let him guard the Xuanwu door, or should be the sentence "Wang Liang main guard for basalt", Liu Xiu was very happy to agree. Don't do this in the future, and then make a secret deal. Qing Ran nodded obediently, and Guo Shengtong understood that she would not have accepted it if she had not thought it could save her life. But she's sick now,pump tube, and she can't take care of a lot of things, and she can't make any mistakes, so she has to mention a few words. Why don't you see Keer today? Although Song Keer runs to the West Palace every day, but the queen here will still come early to pay his respects, today has not seen a figure, no wonder Guo Shi wants to be suspicious. "Miss Biao is not feeling well today, and she is afraid that she will be angry with the empress." "Ask the Imperial Physician to take a look at her. Don't delay." "Don't interrupt, empress. Drink this bowl of soup quickly. The maidservant has been staring at it for half an hour." Guo Shengtong had no choice but to drink half a bowl, which was really a little more energetic than before. It's just that I haven't seen Song Keer yet in the evening, and the doubts in my heart are even heavier. You go and invite the watch girl over. "Empress, didn't you say that Miss Biao was ill? Let her rest.". The maidservants accompanied the empress to talk for a while. "What's wrong with the watch girl?"? Which imperial physician was invited? Where is the pulse case? Show me the prescription. Guo Shengtong a series of questions, let Qing Ran Leng on the spot, "Song Keer and what moths, cosmetic plastic tube ,metal cosmetic tubes, still do not tell the truth!"! You don't dare to look up when you lie, when I don't know! Qing Ran did not know how to answer and looked at the perilla as if asking for help. "Don't worry, empress. Let the maidservant tell you slowly." Perilla steeled herself and stepped forward, feeling that it was not easy to open her mouth. "The girl was playing chess in the West Palace yesterday. It was late, so the noble left her in the West Palace.". Today, he sent a message saying that he was not feeling well and would rest in the West Palace for a few days. He would be back as soon as he was ready. Perilla tried to put it nicely, but the queen knew it was wrong when she heard it. There is no reason for a lady of a good family to sleep elsewhere at night on her own initiative, let alone come back during the day. She still had a last hope in her heart. "Was the emperor in the West Palace yesterday?" Perilla and green dye looked at each other, not daring to take over. Say Guo Shengtong snapped. Seeing that the queen was furious, the two men had to nod their heads. Guo Shengtong suddenly felt the world spinning, a mouthful of blood spurted out, his eyes suddenly darkened, and he was unconscious on the bed. Concubine Qing Ran cried loudly beside the bed, or perilla screamed in horror, "Xuan Taiyi.". "Hong Wan is carrying a basin of hot water to the house, heard this sound, also do not care to ask, stumbled to the hospital ran.". Outside do not know what happened, and dare not come in to visit, listening to the blue dye this crying method, all think that the queen is not good, a moment of chaos. After a while, Dachangqiu also heard the noise and took the order of the private house, the order of the audience, and the servants of the palace to the main hall, and then the ladies of the palace quieted down. These days in the hospital has been Tu Taiyi on night duty, is afraid of the queen suddenly what accident. The old doctor, who was rummaging through a large volume of ancient books, saw that the tears on Hong Wan's face were not dry, and he ran out of breath. Without saying a word, he grabbed the medicine box and ran to the Changqiu Palace. He wanted to ask about the situation carefully on the way, but unfortunately the girl could only cry and did not know anything. Pity the old man in his sixties, running out of breath. The empress was shocked and angry. She was already too weak, and now she was really in danger. "Doctor, do something!" Qing Ran cried. I'm afraid I have to use acupuncture. Tu Taiyi was a little strange. The hospital was much farther than the West Palace or Guangde Palace. How could the emperor not arrive? There was no one in the room who could make decisions, and he dared not give the needle at will. Acupuncture and moxibustion Qing Ran had heard of it, but in their eyes it was a way to survive. When they heard that they were going to use acupuncture for the empress, they were frightened out of their wits. Only then did they realize that there was someone who should have appeared but did not. I'll go and invite the emperor. "Before Hong Wan left the temple, she met Dachangqiu." Why did the girl come out? "I'll go and invite the emperor." Hong Wan did not care about the number of courtesies, bypassed Zhou Yi and went out. Girl, wait a minute. I'll send someone. You go back and serve the empress. Hong Wan's mind was in a mess, and when he heard Zhou Yi say so,plastic laminated tube, he hurried back to the inner room. But left and right also did not see the emperor, in the middle of the big long autumn came in to see twice, said that already sent someone to invite.