The strongest hacker

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At the end of the day, the market value is $100 million, but it is the company with a market value of $100 million that owns half of the shares with a market value of $45 billion.

Although there are many mobile phone manufacturers at present, none of them really dominate the field. Unlike the PC personal computer market, and other areas where Apple is currently good at, there are dominant giants in the board of directors. The board of directors is not quiet at all. Jobs found that the statements were in the hands of these directors, and they were also constantly discussing. It wasn't until half an hour later that a gray-haired old man sitting on the south side coughed twice and said, "Mr. Jobs." "Mr. Kamal, you say." Jobs nodded slightly. "The old man represents an investment group, and his opinions affect the opinions of most shareholders." We all know that our investment group is only for profit, and it doesn't matter how many shares we hold, as long as we have money to make, the other side wants Apple's shares, which is not a problem, the only problem is that Apple absolutely does not allow the other side to get absolute control, even if we can reduce our own shareholding ratio. Give him 49% of the shares, but absolutely do not allow him to get absolute control,radio shuttle racking, which must be written in the contract. The old man looked at Jobs seriously and said. Is this your opinion? Jobs turned his gaze to the others. "Well, let's vote.". If you agree with me to negotiate with the other side, please raise your hands now, including what Mr. Kamo said just now. Jobs looked around and said. I agree Mr. Kamal was the first to raise his hand, and soon after, several shareholders raised their hands,teardrop pallet racking, and Jobs naturally raised his hand. Although his share influence was minimal, his personal charm and influence were beyond doubt. Soon, more than half of the shareholders raised their hands, which means that more than 51% of the shareholders agreed to the plan, and the resolution was formally approved by Apple's board of directors. Seeing that the results had come out, Camo immediately stood up and held out his fat hand to Jobs and said, "Steve, I hope Apple will be more prosperous in your hands." "This is my dream." Jobs smiled and held out his hand to shake Camo's. When Zhang Yang was eating in the restaurant and following Will like a follower, Zhang Yang received a phone call from Jobs. Mr. Zhang Yang, I think we can have a negotiation. Jobs went straight to the point. This is really good news. It seems that we have not missed this Spring Festival in vain. I think we can negotiate. Zhang Yang immediately said with a smile. I'll send someone to pick up Mr. Zhang now. Jobs, industrial racking systems ,automated warehouse systems, of course, is more anxious than Zhang Yang, and signing the contract one day earlier means that Apple will start on this unknown road one day earlier. All right After a few words, they hung up the phone. Apple agreed? When Zhang Yang hung up the phone, Xia January, who was sitting at a table, was already waiting for someone to be depressed because of Will next to him. He looked at Zhang Yang with a shocked face and asked. Zhang Yang smiled, nodded and said, "Yes, they have agreed to start formal negotiations. Of course, how many shares we can get depends on our negotiation art." Although they heard Zhang Yang talking on the phone, they were already prepared, but when Zhang Yang said this sentence in person, Xia yuanyuan they were still stunned, including Yun Wei and Zhao Fei, who looked at Zhang Yang's eyes were indescribably strange, as if there was a circle of light behind Zhang Yang's head at the moment. Who can imagine that a person with a broken mobile phone can go to a company with a market value of $45 billion and ask the other side to sell products? Who can imagine that a broken mobile phone like this can be sold for $20 billion, and who can imagine that a person who just took a mobile phone can get a company with a market value of $45 billion to agree to exchange half of his company's shares? Who can imagine? If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, Xia January would have thought it was a fantasy, but now it's happening in front of them. Summer January can't imagine what a huge sensation the whole world will cause when the news gets out. It can no longer be described as a sensation. It should be described as an earthquake. What is this concept? How big is Star Group? At the end of the day, the market value is $100 million, but it is the company with a market value of $100 million that owns half of the shares with a market value of $45 billion. Although the negotiations have not yet started, since the other side is willing to negotiate, it proves that this matter is absolutely possible to succeed, or that the other side is psychologically prepared. Shaking his hand in front of several people, Zhang Yang said with a smile, "I said, can we go? If one day, our company becomes the company with the highest market value in the world, will you be shocked all the time?" Zhang Yang's words made several people suddenly come to their senses. Zhao Fei and Yun Wei looked at each other. Zhao Fei said with a wry smile: "It seems that I have not lived in vain in my life. This miracle can also be seen." "Ha ha, you will see more miracles in the future." Zhang Yang waved his high-spirited hand and said that this was not a miracle. What Zhang Yang is looking forward to now is where the Star Group will go when one day the infected bug system can run at full capacity. Of course, before that, we have to find the tiger hiding in the dark. Chapter 401 The Idea of the Giant (Part Two) Chapter 401 the idea of a giant (part two). Chapter 401 the idea of a giant (part two). Sorry, there was a little BUG before, the stone typed the wrong letter,heavy duty cantilever racks, it was iPod, not iPad, sweat. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Stone will fix it.